Hot Chocolate 3 Ways - You Suck at Cooking (episode 82)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 21, 2018
  • The YSAC Cook Book is now available:
    Hot chocolate is a dish best served hot.
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    SNØWY-GAMEZ  9 hours ago

    robby sent me

  • Skylie
    Skylie  12 hours ago

    His voice is just so 😍💙

  • DJ The Wolf Does Edits

    Robby sent me

  • Mary Alford
    Mary Alford  yesterday

    Robby brought me here

  • ღ Ramen ღ
    ღ Ramen ღ  yesterday

    Robby sent me here :>

  • Mycah Lim
    Mycah Lim  yesterday

    youre wonderfull 😍

  • petit louis
    petit louis  2 days ago

    Your channel is awesome.

  • Gabriela Barbu
    Gabriela Barbu  3 days ago

    You re making art, I swear. And every video makes me wonder how crazy you are.

  • Sandra Curiel
    Sandra Curiel  3 days ago

    The day y´all try actual hot chocolate without any milk or water or liquids in it you´re gonna lose your minds

  • Sparrow Hawk
    Sparrow Hawk  4 days ago

    Best way to spice hot chocolate is with cinnamon and chili flakes I’m not taking any criticism

  • Lily Pearce
    Lily Pearce  5 days ago

    Robby sent me 😄

  • Unkownest1D
    Unkownest1D  5 days ago

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  • that boy you knew

    The green m&m is the hottest chocolate

  • K. Luka
    K. Luka  6 days ago

    You remind me of dylan from modern family

  • Dylan Hill
    Dylan Hill  7 days ago +1

    your dog is a G

  • PeachiestSoda
    PeachiestSoda  7 days ago

    I'm originally from germany, moved to the uk last year and I'm still very confused by hot cocoa powder in english speaking countries only dissolving in hot milk?? why is that?

  • Cassie Rogers
    Cassie Rogers  7 days ago

    Robby sent me

  • Femo Unique
    Femo Unique  7 days ago


  • Stacilee C.
    Stacilee C.  7 days ago

    They say that spicy hot chocolate is next level. I wouldn't know because I'm allergic to chocolate but that would have been funny if you added peppers to the hot cocoa.

  • Menna Fouad
    Menna Fouad  7 days ago +1

    Just got across this channel, I can't stop watching the videos. Man you are a genius, super creative and super funny. Love from Egypt ❤️❤️❤️