The MOST Expensive BEEF NOODLE SOUP in The World!

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 10, 2017
  • I visited Taiwan again recently and was able to try a $300 bowl of Beef Noodles! Did I like it?...Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: Kang 永康 Dong Fang (林東芳)台北市中山區八德路二段274號+Beef Daddy 牛爸爸➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! Dumpling T-Shirts HERE:►Subscribe for MORE videos about food!▲ Subscribe to our COOKING Channel!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page: Dumpling Instagram: Instagram: Mikeychenx◈ Equipment I use for filming◈ :Sony RX100 Mark V: LUMIX G85: Angle Lens: Mic: Lights: Audio Recorder: Favorite Cookware!wok/pan this pan pan pot✉Send stuff to our PO Box!Mike Chen PO Box 610 Middletown, NY 10940------------------------------♩ ♫


  • David Wang
    David Wang  a years ago +516

    When you realize the 6$ bowl looks better than the 300$ bowl....

  • Fish & Chips
    Fish & Chips  a years ago +217

    1:45 “No hot oil needed here.”
    No hot oil needed
    No hot oil...

  • Aihcsalohcin
    Aihcsalohcin  a years ago +1053

    It's like a Worth It video xD

  • NeoGamma
    NeoGamma  a years ago +351

    I want someone who talks to me like Mike talks to his food.

  • David Kim
    David Kim  a years ago +420

    Today on worth it! Were going to be trying 3 beef noodle soups at 3 drastically different price points to find out which one is the most worth it at its price. Oh wait....

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne  a years ago +149

    “Oh wait, there’s still.50 cents left”. That was awesomely hilarious!

  • Kevin Chan
    Kevin Chan  a years ago +76

    You might say that Mikey ate three bowls of beef noodle soup at "three drastically different price points"

  • Infinite Athletics
    Infinite Athletics  a years ago +673

    $1 Hot Sauce vs $100 Hot Sauce

  • TheMovieMyLife
    TheMovieMyLife  a years ago +1193

    Was anyone else expecting Mikey to arrive at the third restaurant in a dark well fitted suit and shirt? :)

  • Meo Gia
    Meo Gia  a years ago +144

    I Think the first bowl look the best.

  • You Make Me Laugh
    You Make Me Laugh  a years ago +81

    🙄 you should be able to take the damn bowl & spoon home for $300.00 ijs 🍛🤷

  • Ahmed Ashraf
    Ahmed Ashraf  14 days ago +11

    Mike:(Eats beef)
    Also Mike: "It tastes so beefy"

  • Thierry Lindo
    Thierry Lindo  a years ago +153

    i love how he is never negative

  • Chris M
    Chris M  a years ago +126

    Why you always gotta make me so hungry, Mikey? If you're a true foodie, you gotta experience $300 beef noodle soup at some point in your life. Looked freaking amazing..

  • Jader
    Jader  a years ago +33

    I love the fact that people just stare at him from behind be like
    "Why is he talking to him self?"

  • Sandy Schaffer
    Sandy Schaffer  a years ago +73

    Mike you Crack me up. Your talking away and that woman around the 637 mark just was looking at you like you were nuts. Like that one video you made "little bao in Hong kong" august 9th 2016 when you said you just wanted to take your little bao home tuck it into bed and read it a bed time story. That guy and girl turned to look at you around the 634 mark like this guy is really out of his mind. I never laughed so hard in my life. Keep up the good videos keep me laughing and see ya next time. Best wishes from Bethlehem pa.

  • Taylor Fife
    Taylor Fife  a years ago +332

    $300 that’s more than my paycheck I wouldn’t spend $300 on noodles even if it’s good!! I hope it was good for you Mike!! Love your videos Mike!!❤️❤️

  • Joe Garza
    Joe Garza  a years ago +662

    Why does the $6 look more appetizing?

  • The Gypsy King
    The Gypsy King  a years ago +209

    That music in background as mike is eating $350 noodle soup reminds me of film cannibal as he is cooking brain

  • XDeadzX
    XDeadzX  a years ago +25

    Could you please teach us how to make beef noodle soup on your cooking channel? :)