Celebrities You Didn't know were Twins

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 7, 2017
  • Celebrities You Didn't know were Twins https://cnclips.net/video/aXFdAuDSoVk/video.html Here are 22 celebrities twins. These celebrities have got their twins brother sister which you might not know. Famous 10 presents 22 celebrities with their twins.


  • Esther Iperu
    Esther Iperu  2 hours ago

    Was only waiting for the rock

  • Shawn Taylor
    Shawn Taylor  6 hours ago

    Omg if I was Ashtons brother I would be pissed!!He got none of his brothers looks.He got what was left over

  • Bee Yang
    Bee Yang  23 hours ago

    wait. theres 2 napoleon dynamite? woah!

  • Bee Yang
    Bee Yang  23 hours ago

    slap yourself for mary and ashley

  • Henry Washington
    Henry Washington  2 days ago

    Oh I'm the Rocks long lost brother. Call me Coconut.

  • Henry Washington
    Henry Washington  2 days ago

    Vin Diesel to his brother:
    Don't ever let anyone know we're related! The filmmakers think I'm a nigga😁😁😁😁

  • James Jay
    James Jay  3 days ago

    I didnt see the Rock,,,,??😳😳

  • Everlyne Namaemba
    Everlyne Namaemba  5 days ago

    This video I love it because now I know Vin Diesel is not the Brother to The Rock Dwayne Johnson as I thought despite the fact that he is the Twin Brother to Paul Diesel this is nice story

  • Nancy Hamm
    Nancy Hamm  7 days ago

    Who didnt kno Sprouse , n Olsen

  • Nkhanyiso Nhlabatsi

    Vin Diesel and Paul Diesel

    Why not Paul walker and Cody walker

  • Ye2 Khanyile
    Ye2 Khanyile  7 days ago +4

    Dwayne Johnson's twin brother is actually The Rock😉

  • heady
    heady  7 days ago

    where is dwayne johnson and the rock rocky maivia?

  • Chris Bon
    Chris Bon  7 days ago

    This may surprise you The OLSEN TWINS ARE TWINS, who knew

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed  7 days ago

    Tia and tamera twins. Dats crazy

  • maui Girl
    maui Girl  14 days ago +2

    Why Rock is on the front photo,he doesn't have twin,I think most of us wish he has ....

  • Caitlin Hay
    Caitlin Hay  14 days ago

    A boy and a girl can't be identical twins

  • Cassidy Africa
    Cassidy Africa  14 days ago


  • MrBenjy1991
    MrBenjy1991  14 days ago

    How do you not know some of these people are twins....its well known!

  • Skyanne Finlayson
    Skyanne Finlayson  1 months ago

    What?? I didnt know Mary-Kate and Ashley where twins and didnt know about Dylan and Cole

  • jaclyn jester
    jaclyn jester  1 months ago +1

    Eva green is a twin🤯