Buying a camper from copart? Don’t make this mistake!!!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 2, 2018
  • Picking up a Keystone Avalanche 300re (bad ass nice unit), and taking a look at something you might not want to sleep in.... copart fail!


  • You Big Dummy  5 months ago

    Why am I watching this? 🤷‍♂️

  • LOREN Reece  4 months ago

    Asking myself the same question.

  • Tyler Robertson  6 months ago

    I worked with them for about 2 years, I was the guy when I took pictures and did the job I gave 100% accurate representations of what a item's condition was I agree, most yard agent's don't give the proper info.

  • Pavel y  4 months ago

    was that only me or did he pass by same exact RAM with a Cummins logo on the back window. 1:24 and 5:14. montage or just a pretty cool coincidence?

  • Mr J-Charles  4 months ago

    I like that backup camera you have makes hooking up the trailer super easy. Need that on my semi

  • fraidykat  4 months ago

    On paper Copart made it look like a totaled flood unit. He picked up a totaled flood unit with physical damage that would fall in line with a flood. No surprise...

  • street speed 717!

  • Bouko Agter  5 months ago

    1.25 min. And 5.13 min the same car 😂

  • Bob Builder  5 months ago

    I had one and only one experience with cofart.. NEVER again. I've had much better luck with IAA.

  • Joel Fesperman  4 months ago

    Good luck with IAA because Copart is taking their biggest clients it won't be long IAA won't exists

  • Darcy Dilbart  4 months ago

    A 10 minute video with about 30 seconds of non-information. Why was this lame thing even posted?!?!

  • C.  4 months ago

    @STELLA R/T That would be great. Recently I bought a camper that sold at auction in order to remodel it. Only damage was on the outer wall of the wheel well. It would be great to see others doing it as well so I look forward to seeing reviews.

  • Michael Farmer  4 months ago

    I am a dealer hear in Atlanta as well and I have bought 100s of cars, boats & RVs from Copart and don't see that copart is hiding anything from anyone. They provide to you and me the same 10 photos as they do the rest of the world. So you can make up our mind whether or not we want to take a chance on a the unit. It is to there advantage they are not so descriptive for liability purposes, because they could not adequately to satisfy everyones description of the unit. It is your job as well as every...