Beautiful Relaxing Music: Romantic Piano Music, Violin Music, Cello Music, Guitar Music ★74

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 18, 2016
  • Beautiful relaxing music ("Autumn Colors") featuring piano music, violin music, cello music and guitar music. Stream or download music from Soothing Relaxation:
    Romantic music composed by Peder B. Helland. Soothing Relaxation is a music channel and I share sleep music, meditation music, study music, background music, spa music, beautiful instrumental music and more. Download this music (30 minutes long version) ►
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    I am a composer from Norway and I started this channel with a simple vision: to create a place that you can visit in order to chill out & relax. I compose music that can be labeled as for example: sleep music, calm music, yoga music, study music, peaceful music, beautiful music and relaxing music. I love to compose music and I put a lot of work into it.

    Thank you very much for listening and for leaving feedback. Have a wonderful day or evening!

    ~Peder B. Helland

    ~Places to download my music~
    Itunes ►
    Bandcamp ►
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    Google Play ►

    If you want to listen to all of my music (in other genres as well), feel free to check out my other channel ►

    My personal Facebook page ► /PederBHelland


  • Schlubb
    Schlubb  3 hours ago

    Awww, this music makes me sad. Not because it's sad in general, but because I've associated it with tons of homework on a very late night.

  • Red Roses
    Red Roses  yesterday


  • Roger Doherty
    Roger Doherty  2 days ago

    If u r feeling relaxed turn this blue

  • Beautiful Relaxing Music


  • Vania Cristina
    Vania Cristina  3 days ago

    💝biel 🙏jesus 🙏gui💝👑👑🌱🌱👏👏

  • Vania Cristina
    Vania Cristina  3 days ago


  • Sarah miranda de carvalho

    Qeulqun en octobre 2019😁

  • Monserrat Powell
    Monserrat Powell  4 days ago +1

    Oooooo remember meh from the other vid cool btw

  • Carolin S.M
    Carolin S.M  4 days ago +1


  • Toos Henderikx
    Toos Henderikx  4 days ago +1

    Top muziek *!!

  • Rosa Gizzi
    Rosa Gizzi  4 days ago

    Tutte le persone che amo sono lontano.Perché?

  • lilith Amaris
    lilith Amaris  6 days ago +4

    Hermosa, exquisita. 💕🎼🎶🎵💕🎼🎵

  • Compass Concierge
    Compass Concierge  6 days ago +5

    This Music puts peace in my heart.

  • herb hancock
    herb hancock  6 days ago +8

    Really difficult to listen to this and not think of someone you miss so badly.

  • chung le
    chung le  7 days ago

    From Minnesota/USA. Love your beautiful music. Thank you❤️

  • Roger Doherty
    Roger Doherty  7 days ago +1

    Helps me sleep in 20 minutes and my mum is amazed at how much it works

  • Darran Thompson
    Darran Thompson  7 days ago

    Absolutely Amazing..!!! Relaxes me and helps me to continue to believe the incredible for my future... Love it.

  • Satu Hautala
    Satu Hautala  7 days ago +1


  • Moustafa Arafat
    Moustafa Arafat  7 days ago

    عالم تاني ❤️😍❤️

  • Joel Jacq
    Joel Jacq  7 days ago +1

    Imagine you are in the Universe before the Divine. Imagine this music is your universe within the Divine that is you. Thank you, from all of us, for your beautiful music.