thank you for always being my rainbow after the storm

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 15, 2017
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    (00:00) city girl - on the train somewhere between my apartment and you
    (02:58) city girl - soft static sky
    (05:48) city girl - neon days and cerulean nights
    (08:56) city girl - exploring old alleys filled with wires and weathered concrete
    (12:15) city girl - snow white petals and lights
    (15:23) city girl - sunrise sunrise
    (18:05) city girl - walking in the rain to a café to write down private thoughts in public
    (21:13) city girl - loveless shadows

    original EP 'loveless shadows' by City Girl

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  • Gentlejellyfishsky

    Me, just chilling, listening to random music, not paying attention: hmm, why does this soundtrack sound so familiar? has it been used in a different video?

    hears loveless shadows


  • Miss Angel
    Miss Angel  1 months ago

    This titles are so so qt💕🧚🏽‍♀️

  • mr. missing ์Nointroduce

    Is there only me still here
    2019 and love this mix so much

  • a witch's cat
    a witch's cat  3 months ago

    yaaaas city girl

  • Vince Bartolomeo
    Vince Bartolomeo  4 months ago

    this mix never ceases to get me feeling a certain way
    its a reminiscent, sad feeling
    like i wish did things different.

  • brandon navarre
    brandon navarre  4 months ago

    kinda solid music but this comment section is so deep rn

  • angel hdez
    angel hdez  4 months ago

    did you are a philosofer ?

  • Tessa
    Tessa  4 months ago

    my brother is colorblind and can't see rainbows

    but i hope to be a different type a rainbow for him. one that he can see. one that he will always look to for happiness

  • Turquoise Star
    Turquoise Star  5 months ago +1

    City girl is one of my favorite artists

  • pessimistic bird
    pessimistic bird  6 months ago

    you were also the storm tho lol

  • Lord Phantomhive
    Lord Phantomhive  6 months ago


  • jenosjams
    jenosjams  7 months ago

    this title :(

  • Joel Avalo
    Joel Avalo  9 months ago +1



  • Eve g
    Eve g  9 months ago

    lowkey got asmr from the first song

  • hns秘密の少女
    hns秘密の少女  9 months ago

    For Sebastián

    I cry alone every night.
    But when it is day and I am by your side, my world lights up.
    Bright colors everywhere.
    Pink, orange, yellow.
    But at the moment when a bad thought crosses my mind.
    Everything is turned off.
    That's why I try to be by your side.
    Although my words do not come out, although people interrupt me when I find a little courage.

    For Lourdes

    I thought you would not change.
    I thought you would keep making me feel bad.
    But when I gave you a second chance, after the holidays.
    I realized, that you were not the same person anymore.
    Making me feel good when I was sad.
    Trusting me when you were sad.
    For being by my side even if I was angry.

    For me

    I just wanted a happy future.
    One where I could be happy with the people I love.
    But every day, my feelings were getting more complicated.
    Until that Friday morning.
    I told her how I felt.
    That every time I wanted to tell someone why I was sad, I felt worse.
    When I told him, I was not relieved.
    But I was surprised when I returned home after school, and I realized that since I told her I had not cried even once.

    For every person I love

    Thank you.
    Now I feel better.
    Probably only temporary.
    But thanks, really.
    They made me see color again, even for a brief moment.
    I hope you feel happy.
    When I leave, save me a place in your memories.
    I hope you remember me.

  • White Prince
    White Prince  a years ago

    I try to reminisce about all the good times I've had, but I just can't remember while listening to this tape

  • Mariya Aliana
    Mariya Aliana  a years ago

    Can you be a Guy and marry me plz💜💜💜😅

  • Mariya Aliana
    Mariya Aliana  a years ago

    I love you and i apperciate your work and i love this type of musique💜

  • J' adore
    J' adore  a years ago

    aah, i love city girl <3

  • Richard
    Richard  a years ago

    Thanks city girl for leading onto this 🙂