Late Night Jazz Club • Smoke Filled Jazz Saxophone • The Jazz Bar After Midnight

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 6, 2018
  • Step into Dr. SaxLove's after-midnight smoke-filled jazz club and enjoy these classic whiskey-tinged jazz saxophone favorites. Epic ambiance from Dr. SaxLove.Subscribe for more classic jazz • jazz backing tracks • https://backingtracks.proFind Dr. SaxLove on Spotify • is the music of saxophonist Mark Maxwell, aka Dr. SaxLove:► https://drsaxlove.comDr. SaxLove specializes in jazz, jazz music, jazz standards, soft jazz, jazz instrumental, jazz music instrumental, saxophone jazz, relaxing music, relaxing jazz, 40s music, 40s jazz, cocktail party, cocktail party music, cocktail jazz, cocktail music, dinner music, dinner party, dinner party music, easy listening music, easy listening jazz, mellow music, restaurant music, and more.His music is optimized for relaxation, studying, dinner music, sensual moments, and any time chill out saxophone music is desired.Enjoy more of Dr. SaxLove's Romantic Music on the Romantic Love Songs Channel: ►


  • Michele Plouffe
    Michele Plouffe  1 months ago +3

    OMG!! I JUST FOUND YOU, DR. SAXLOVE!! Your music is sooooo beautiful, that it made me cry.💜

  • Julia Adamchuk
    Julia Adamchuk  7 days ago +2


  • Mindset Queens
    Mindset Queens  7 days ago +2

    Absolutely ROMANTIC

  • Aquiles Guzman
    Aquiles Guzman  8 months ago +7

    "Why Don't You Do Right? What a joy.

  • Steelhorsecowboy
    Steelhorsecowboy  4 days ago +1

    Cigars, whiskey and rummy with my wife and adult son on the terrace overlooking the pool @ 8:00 pm.

  • Tobacco Connoisseur
    Tobacco Connoisseur  yesterday +2

    It was a gloomy morning as I sat in my office, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge’s flame colored arches. A difficult task when my office is in Nashville on the second floor.
    My secretary pages in on the intercom, “Johnny, there’s a woman here with a case for you”. I said to send her up, as I quietly wondered over my whiskey when I had hired a secretary.
    Then, the young and curvy figure of a woman walked in with two loaded 38’s pointed right at me. She also had a pistol in each hand.
    I truly knew things would get interesting.

  • steven De Jesus
    steven De Jesus  1 months ago +1

    A good jazz pianist sounds on key when he goes off key really enjoyed this mix

  • Gabriel Calin
    Gabriel Calin  5 months ago +1

    The most beautiful music i've ever listened. Thank you!!!!

  • 최한식
    최한식  3 months ago +1

    So good
    Your technique saxophone^^

  • Michael Hackett
    Michael Hackett  9 months ago +2

    God bless my man you are unique love your embouchure Mick England

  • jtc168
    jtc168  2 months ago

    Thank you for your videos and sharing talent! More power and may God bless you more! 👍

  • Carmelo Rosario
    Carmelo Rosario  9 months ago +3


  • Helga Schwarz
    Helga Schwarz  9 months ago +2

    Thank you 🧡.. You always.. Beautiful music 🎶

  • Cheryl B
    Cheryl B  6 months ago +11

    What does it say about me that I’m enjoying this perfectly on a Sunday morning... while making breakfast/brunch? It had to be you....
    Thank you Dr. SaxLove - again❣️🎁🎷🌅

  • Judy Keir
    Judy Keir  3 months ago +6

    It was a cool rainy night in LA and there was a smokey little bar ...somewhere off Sunset. Can't you just feel it? Beautiful!! ❤️💜💙

  • maurice harding
    maurice harding  7 days ago +2

    It had to be you, Man what a great swinging sound from this saxist extraudinaire and

  • Oberyn Martell
    Oberyn Martell  1 months ago +1

    All is fair in love and war

  • Myyalula Graham
    Myyalula Graham  9 months ago +1

    A date night with the Dr. And tequila 💙 smooth groove and the two.... (my own lil world)

  • siempre aprendiendo
    siempre aprendiendo  9 months ago +2

    El jazz de noche tiene un sonido diferente. Tiene más magia.
    Espero poderlo escuchar cerca del misisipi!!!

  • Le Compte Purifié
    Le Compte Purifié  9 months ago

    Dr + sax + 1h = love. This is the perfect équation! Love from Paris dr