Silicone Beauty Blender vs Egg • Saf & Candace

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 28, 2017
  • I saw people blending their foundation out with a hard-boiled egg, so I decided to blend my foundation out with a hard boiled egg... many apologies to the Evieblender, who didn't ask to be put to the test against a literal egg. What did you guys think? Would you use either of these for your makeup?Don’t forget to click the bell to turn on post notifications!Nadi's Original Egg Video:'s Video: and mrs zhou's Video: out the Evieblender here! foundation in this video is the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, in the color Y325!Safiya's Nextbeat:'s Channel:'t Touch The TulipsDipso CalypsoGood To GoDaddy ShoesOK ShuffleChit Chat Polkavia AudioNetworkSFXvia AudioBlocks


  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +5543

    THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF "is this weird thing a dupe?" sorry for the late night upload y'all!! where's my night owl crew at? i'm gonna go get some boba, bc i am a thirstbucket. let me know if you guys would try either of these things!

  • jess
    jess  2 years ago +3689

    safiya's channel is basically buzzfeed but better

  • Awesomekat 123
    Awesomekat 123  2 years ago +1255

    R we really at the point where we apply makeup with a egg

    SLOPPYTV  2 years ago +1789

    "i really appreciate the shape of the tip though, it can really get in the crevice" - Safiya Nygaard 2017

  • chaeyoungie
    chaeyoungie  2 years ago +284

    "I wanna eat it.."
    "Candace you've already eaten one.."
    "I know"

  • Alyssa Rackley
    Alyssa Rackley  2 years ago +137

    When Saf gets more views than Buzzfeed on the same idea. 😂

  • Maddy baudinette
    Maddy baudinette  2 years ago +964

    Why is no one tallking about the fact that you would have to boil a new egg every time :P

  • Dark Miss
    Dark Miss  a years ago +317

    Apocalypse hacks

  • Kirsten R.
    Kirsten R.  2 years ago +127

    I think it's time to just buy an assortment of fruit from the store and test all of their blending abilities.

  • Isabel K
    Isabel K  2 years ago +429

    Saf I 101% love how you went away from buzzfeed because you are such a great video producer and buzzfeed just took all of that away from you. So thank you for leaving ❤️

  • Milena Orlovic
    Milena Orlovic  2 years ago +300

    Umm? BuzzFeed posted hard boiled egg makeup 12 hours After this.... #buzzfeedssalty

  • Carolyn Bower
    Carolyn Bower  2 years ago +3557

    Saf you should make this a series with Candace and call it beauty vs beast because the actual beauty product is beauty and the beast is alternative. You can call the series something different if you want

  • Doom kitty
    Doom kitty  2 years ago +168

    I really like the egg side, it looks a lot more smoother

  • Kamryn Lee
    Kamryn Lee  2 years ago +165

    I definitely think the egg did a better job!! ❤

  • Bella L
    Bella L  2 years ago +65

    You should try using a gummy bear as a blender.

  • Alli Mitch
    Alli Mitch  2 years ago +44

    REASON #1,967 of why I adore Saf; Properly crediting the creator of this egg bleeding idea, Nadi. Sooo many news sources and other media couldn't seem to get this straight, so thank you for always giving us the very best!

  • varsha's edits
    varsha's edits  2 years ago +1444

    Saf is probably one of the very few youtubers out there at this point who has fun fresh YouTube ideas and actually cares about their subscribers by trying to reply to at least 80% of the comments on here.

  • Madison Lewe
    Madison Lewe  2 years ago +22

    That blender looks too textured for a smooth finish

  • Heidi Pargas
    Heidi Pargas  2 years ago +45

    Buzfeed uploaded the same vid as this but this is 100000x better TBH

  • ArtsySmartsy
    ArtsySmartsy  2 years ago +48

    the egg looks more natural. you can just use your fingers for the crevices and wash your hands after.