Ayanna Pressley Throws HUGE Shade At Pelosi During Press Conference

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Ayanna Pressley might be the most impactful of all the squad members. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.We need your help to keep providing free videos! Support the Majority Report's video content by going to http://www.Patreon.com/MajorityReportWatch the Majority Report live M–F at 12 p.m. EST at youtube.com/samseder or listen via daily podcast at http://Majority.FMDownload our FREE app: http://majorityapp.comSUPPORT the show by becoming a member: http://jointhemajorityreport.comLIKE us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/MajorityReportFOLLOW us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/MajorityFMSUBSCRIBE to us on YouTube: http://youtube.com/SamSeder


  • Spencer Yo
    Spencer Yo  1 months ago +168

    Ayanna doesnt get as much attention as the others but wow she is a powerful speaker

  • That nigga bush from around the corner

    These women need 24/7 security. These women are in danger for the crime of giving the government back to the people where it belongs.

  • damncows
    damncows  1 months ago +404

    I love the new dems. I get a feeling of hope.
    Maybe other nations might respect us again.

  • Sean
    Sean  1 months ago +175

    Nancy Pelosi is not our friend.... She's an enemy within the camp. Always remember that.

  • XavierMacX
    XavierMacX  1 months ago +304

    I live in Boston and voted for her while everyone was saying she had no chance. Although it didn't get as much press coverage as AOC, it was an equally tough race. Ayanna had an advantage since she was already on the Boston city council, but THIS right here is why you vote your principles.

  • M.
    M.  1 months ago +285

    Ayanna should be house speaker

  • Rolo Tomasi
    Rolo Tomasi  1 months ago +24

    When both Republicans and corporate Democrats fear you - you are doing something right for the actual American people.

  • Troll Watch
    Troll Watch  1 months ago +165

    I love Ayana. She's a class act.

  • RoRo Zorro
    RoRo Zorro  1 months ago +267

    Hey mastery of words and her delivery are just powerful and on point.

  • kourii
    kourii  1 months ago +138

    Haha Ayanna killed that alliteration: 'callous, chaotic, and corrupt culture'

  • MrWeezy312
    MrWeezy312  1 months ago +52

    These four women are the most impactful freshmen congressional members perhaps in history.

  • Bedwaaq Cawsgurow
    Bedwaaq Cawsgurow  1 months ago +142

    Ayanna is not the type to messed with.

  • Marie-Pier Courbron
    Marie-Pier Courbron  1 months ago +122

    I actually thought her part of the speech was outstanding. Great speaker, on point, commanding, articulate. I'm going to pay more attention to her from now on

    DISCO-INFERNO-70  1 months ago +130

    Notice how quiet Pelosi is with Trump.
    She loves attacking Progressives, but doesn't do anything while Trump goes on a tirade against women in her party.
    Where is the leadership I'm always hearing about?

  • D
    D  1 months ago +87

    Ananya has my support and vote anytime. Historic. American

  • Deborah Foster
    Deborah Foster  1 months ago +34

    I was mesmerized when Ayanna spoke. I had not heard her before for any extended time and she has such presence.

  • Australican
    Australican  1 months ago +22

    Nancy Pelosi is another Mitch McConnell. Both exceedingly obstructionist, total pieces of geriatric garbage, and zero degrees of separation between the two. Trump just recently and irrationally slammed The Squad, but it's Pelosi who basically opened the door and rolled out the red carpet for him to do so.

  • King Kagle
    King Kagle  1 months ago +47

    Four women fighting harder for Americans than all the other 531 members of Congress combined. Facing opposition from those other members, Main Stream Media, and the Executive branch.
    Props. Mad props.

  • Brian Colson
    Brian Colson  1 months ago +13

    DUDE!! Nobody mentions this, but Ayanna Pressley is not only a native born American. Her parents aren't immigrants at all! She is a run-of-mill African-American woman. And for Trump to tell her to "go back to your country" is especially racist!
    Not that it isn't racist to the other members of "The Squad" to say what he said. And it doesn't matter if any of the other members were born here or not!
    But nobody has pointed out directly that Trump has pointed to a progressive (not that it matters too much that she's progressive) black woman, and told her she "needs to go back to her country"!
    He's a disgrace!
    I just thought it was a particular worth noting. And that Sam should mention it.

  • iChillypepper
    iChillypepper  1 months ago +31

    Ayanna Pressley said she would bring the fire! She was NOT lying!