Family Hub refrigerator: Connected Living l Samsung

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
  • Make your home smarter with SmartThings. You can use the refrigerator as a hub to monitor and control all of
    the smart appliances in your home - from air conditioner and robot vacuum cleaner to oven and washing machine.
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  • Novan mg
    Novan mg  21 days ago

    I love Samsung

  • Astral19
    Astral19  1 months ago

    What a lazy family u have! Bixby, cleaner, washing mashine, myghad i want those.

    But cant afford

  • Dj K2
    Dj K2  1 months ago

    Samsung you best

  • Dulce Andrea Suarez
    Dulce Andrea Suarez  1 months ago


  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez  2 months ago

    I'm gonna to buy this fridge just to see if I can have a happy family like the video Now I just need to find a girlfriend to start building it.

  • Asad Naqvi
    Asad Naqvi  4 months ago

    Screen time to the next level.


    Only in USA

  • Dot Dot
    Dot Dot  6 months ago

    Now we just stay at the kitchen and control the whole house

  • 11 11
    11 11  7 months ago

    The Samsung appliances are great! They work really well together. I currently have the washing machine, dryer, oven and the fridge. One of the best features has to be been able to view the ring doorbell through it.

  • Jacob Frank
    Jacob Frank  7 months ago

    rich people

  • Azfar Ra15 Amran
    Azfar Ra15 Amran  8 months ago

    I have the Family Hub and most of the things there. Years of saving up came with great rewards.

  • Hussein AlJunaidy
    Hussein AlJunaidy  9 months ago

    That's amazing

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    They are suck

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    They suck not avalable

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  • Rajiv Malhotra
    Rajiv Malhotra  11 months ago

    Cool....but a couple things.

    As a Samsung ecosystem....we want Wisenet cameras to be compatible.

    And ring? That's an amazon doorbell....why not nest hello? You guys do more work with Google than Amazon. My Samsung Galaxy has Google Assistant not Amazon Alexa.

    Also...why the Honeywell thermostat? Not only is Honeywell a competitor of Samsung.... but this is going back to the nest argument. You should be advocating the nest thermostat... after all, Samsung runs on Android.

    The entire ecosystem should be Samsung/Google.

  • Mirage Mashod
    Mirage Mashod  11 months ago

    So do we have to buy the Fridge just for this Hub