Re-Creating the Cheesiest French Potato Dish (Aligot)

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 29, 2017
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    SANDESH KAMATH  a years ago +2911

    Adam is everyone's best friend... Adam always makes everyone cook something for him.... Be Like Adam!

  • asmi sweets
    asmi sweets  6 months ago +790

    "I hate talking to people over the phone"
    Damn true

  • Kristi Ambrose
    Kristi Ambrose  a years ago +1945

    I love these 2 together. Don't get me wrong, I like Rei too, but there's something about these two that work so well! Plus, truth be told, I love Andrew lol. Anything he is in, I am clicking and watching!

  • D Louise
    D Louise  6 months ago +77

    The reason why they can't get the correct texture is because unfortunately, what Nikki got in hand leaving the shop is definitely not the right kind of Tomme d'Auvergne intended to prepare the Aligot.
    Aligot is made with FRESH Tomme (in fact the same cheese, but at an earlier stage of transformation, so before it's ripened). Fresh tomme has no crust, a more buttery/creamier texture and a also totally different taste (a bit sourer, more dairy, and mush less mushroomy than the matured Tomme). And... its also not stinky at all ;)
    Basically the same difference than between cottage cheese (fresh version of cow milk cheese) vs camembert (matured version of the same).
    The fresh Tomme is what gives Aligot its specific texture and taste, without the need of adding any cream or other ingredient or, like you did, adding more and more matured cheese to get only a tiny bit of the stretching effect.
    I tried once to make aligot with matured Tomme (couln't find the fresh version) and well, it's quite good (I understand the team made a success) but it's definitely far far below the "real" one with fresh Tomme.
    Pics of fresh tomme here : (at a dairyer)
    or here :
    vs pics of matured Tomme :
    Hope this will help if you want to try this really fancy dish :)
    (oh, and also : it needs more garlic than the single crushed clove Nikki added ! The garlic at least 6 or 7 cloves should cook with the potatoes leaving the cloves intact, then mashed when mashing the potaoes)
    Hope I'm clear, as you can doubt it, english is not my mother tongue.

  • geybyel
    geybyel  a years ago +1698

    They should make a new series called "Adam Challenged Me" Like if you agree

  • SpyroGamesHere
    SpyroGamesHere  a years ago +671

    "we're looking for a wood paddle... a nice big one" (derby face) I DIED 😂😂😂

  • Clady Tacos
    Clady Tacos  5 months ago +200

    Good recipe but not exactly the right cheese: you used an old Tomme d'Auvergne, aligot is made with a fresh one (it doesn't smell and it makes the aligot more elastic) 😊

  • Kiran K.
    Kiran K.  a years ago +752

    1:50 this mans really said 'po TAY toes" the same exact way steven does... we love a powerful friendship that can transcend several series
    also,, niki. i love u so much,,

  • Sunny_Reaper
    Sunny_Reaper  5 months ago +111

    O H N O
    Cooking Comedians

  • Matheus S
    Matheus S  a years ago +4229

    I really like this kind of video when Adam just want to see everybody failing at everything.
    I understand you, Adam.

  • Angéline RUBI
    Angéline RUBI  a years ago +69

    American smelling French cheese is my favorite thing to watch, this one is nowhere near the really hardcore ones, and you payed 150$ FOR IT ? You guys should come over in France, it's cheaper AND smells even worse eheh !

  • Pamela Reyes
    Pamela Reyes  a years ago +174

    I love how niki always says “best friend” to Adam at the beginning of each video

  • Roget 10
    Roget 10  9 months ago +267

    If they added mozarella it might just be elastic like in the featured video...

  • xyløve
    xyløve  6 months ago +53

    Why didn’t they ask Alex if their aligot was good? She said her mom made it for her all the time.

  • Jerusha Jose
    Jerusha Jose  a years ago +4408

    Adam challenges friends to do random food shit
    Sounds like an award winning series right there.

  • Foote TheFloatingRock

    “It smells like a bunny’s cage”
    I’m offended cuz rabbits smell like nothing.

  • DKDiamond
    DKDiamond  5 months ago +37


  • Still Just-Me
    Still Just-Me  a years ago +10

    1:03 is nobody going to talk about that list.. because that's an interesting variation on the food...

  • H S
    H S  a years ago +61

    Y’all should’ve got alix to help you! She made in a video once and she said her mom always made it.

  • Sheilla Huang
    Sheilla Huang  a years ago +57

    be like Adam is my future dream job now...