My NEW RHD Project Car!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 7, 2018
  • Huge shout out to @toprankimporters for helping me find the PERFECT RHD project car! You're dream car awaits at TJ Hunt's Channel: Nelson's Channel:'s Channel: merch! Http://♫Music By♫●DJ Quads - Amaze Yourself●Song -●Follow DJ Quads -●DJ Quads - My Everything●Song -●Follow DJ Quads -


  • Ivan Lopez  11 months ago

    My girlfriend asked what I was watching I said my friend Randy’s YouTube channel. She said “yeah you wish he was your friend”😂😕

  • Ryan Who  11 months ago

    that's me too, but i'd be saying "haha i wish I had a girl too" 😂😢

  • Hay Mamacita  11 months ago

    Randy are you a closet gay like Randy

  • Jose Amaya  11 months ago

    That's why when he was arriving to the shop he said and I quote" I feel like I'm getting the gtr all over again

  • Manuel L Valdez  11 months ago

    Dude that’s crazy to see how far uve came, from cookin eggs on the 240 to buying ur second skyline, congrats my dude

  • Josh Mykl  11 months ago

    Manuel L Valdez yooo i forgot about this 😂😂

  • Kendrick 47  11 months ago

    A car guys dream is to own ONE r32 and ma boi randy has 2 now 🔥 let’s gooooo happy for ya

  • Luke Andersen  11 months ago

    Can't wait to hurt feelings with that car!

  • Tr Vlogs Car Life  11 months ago

    Let's get it!

  • Timothy Rinaldi  11 months ago

    He should build it like Adam lz

  • PaayCalvinn  11 months ago

    get kevin jude a nsx ☹

  • ZeeCoupe  11 months ago

    LZxRT 4 door Skyline Tandems?👀

  • ZeeCoupe  11 months ago

    Ryan Loy Dustin has a GTR. And it’s AWD. And he doesn’t have any experience drifting but it’s always dope to try new things!

  • Karl Kristjan  11 months ago

    That would be siiiiiick!

  • Kuntha Luk  11 months ago

    4 doors for more hors

  • Pedro Rivera  11 months ago


  • MitchIsEvil  11 months ago

    Kuntha Luk he was correcting your spelling cause it looked like you were trying to say hoes in the original comment, btw it’s whores not hors

  • Jacob Dilbeck  11 months ago

    So stoked!! I love 4 door r32s

  • Jacob Gilts  11 months ago

    Jacob Dilbeck ikr

  • Cali_life_style 95  11 months ago

    Does anyone else miss the S14?

  • x Covert  11 months ago

    Everyday bro 🤧

  • Kunthoro Anindhito  11 months ago

    ACES W1LD215 same 😢