Gordon Ramsay's Style Break Breakfast And Lunch Part2 - Almost Anything

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 15, 2018
  • Dear Oh Dear !
    No Comments, Just Watch it your self .
    Thing to learn from this Video :
    1. Eggs need 4,5 minute to be boiled 'Creamy style'
    2. Anchovies have natural salt.
    3.The beer has natural yeast.
    4. Cutting Vegetables in angle won't disturb their real taste.

    Thanks For Watching,
    Almost Anything Team
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  • Mohammed Shafei
    Mohammed Shafei  a years ago +20

    He knows how to fatten people up for roasting afterwards

  • Sandy The Cat
    Sandy The Cat  a years ago +6

    Why does he look so happy when there isn't any lamb sauce

  • CyberRacer
    CyberRacer  a years ago

    The reason why no one in their family is fat cause half of the stuff is decorations

  • Paige 1996
    Paige 1996  a years ago +13

    Anchovies yuck! I feel like I might like anything he made though lol I’m generally not picky at all but anchovies and sardines freak me out

  • V.
    V.  a years ago

    Wow! 1000x

  • ET - 09AC - Applewood Heights SS (2152)

    Where’s the rib of beef? :(

  • Clutch Master
    Clutch Master  a years ago +20

    Gordon! Please adopt me! IM A GOOD CHILD!!!!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne  a years ago +2

    He has those children well trained like Staff

  • Ricky Lopez
    Ricky Lopez  a years ago +17

    Gordon is the Bob Ross of cooking.

  • Jan Lloyd Santos
    Jan Lloyd Santos  a years ago +1

    0:30 Tilly is about to run away

  • Saw Eh Doh
    Saw Eh Doh  a years ago

    vere night cooking

  • ethan solomons
    ethan solomons  a years ago +1

    lol he cant resist

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis  a years ago +3

    That bread looks like it is really dry.

  • FrostFires
    FrostFires  a years ago +128

    It's 1 am and I'm watching this while eating a slice of cheese

  • Christian Worthinton
    Christian Worthinton  a years ago +1

    A Plowman's Lunch? Not quite, unless he's a bit limp wrist on the steering wheel.

  • stopdropandroll
    stopdropandroll  a years ago +42

    tilly is short for tilapia

  • Newoo
    Newoo  a years ago +3

    Ni🅱️🅱️a touches hot af boiling eggs like it was nothing

  • human nature
    human nature  a years ago

    2:06 did he say Bold eggs..?

  • s p
    s p  a years ago +10

    Something tells me this isnt his real family.

  • CriticalMass 21
    CriticalMass 21  a years ago +99

    No one is gonna talk about that fire? Seems like Gordon graduated from hogwarts