Nothing makes me happy anymore

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 30, 2018
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    [00:00] just big hills - Sick of This
    [03:48] just big hills - hana
    [05:45] just big hills - Please
    [09:08] just big hills - When You Forgive
    [12:38] just big hills - orbs

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    🎨 Artwork by daisukerichard

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  • Dalton Spears
    Dalton Spears  13 hours ago

    That moment when you hit your peak in life and you know it’s all a steady downhill from here :/

  • Hailey-Joliet Chong
    Hailey-Joliet Chong  19 hours ago

    I know you just didn't come here to listen to music
    you came bc your aching and I'm sorry
    but you'll come out alright in the end promise :)

  • OtakuSora
    OtakuSora  22 hours ago

    Lost my Younger brother to suicide 9/15/19

  • Westen Cruz
    Westen Cruz  22 hours ago

    Why do boys play with my feelings? Straight or gay, they all just wrap me around their finger then throw me away like trash and i just take it... I was never taught the right way to love so i just feel lost...

  • Pinoles
    Pinoles  23 hours ago

    Even if i could go wherever i please i don't know where would that be

  • Rania San Pedro

    I'm scared to sleep because time moves so fast I can't keep up anymore.

  • Zaniyah Imvu
    Zaniyah Imvu  yesterday

    It’s just feels like people say they love me but do they even like me as someone special? I feel broken and dead inside...and I’m only 13..I feel like I’m never gonna be happy with who I am and that I’m just going to be lonely for the rest of my life..everybody says “just think happy” but to me it feels impossible because of all of the depression and anxiety I’m dealing with...not even my parents truly understand what I’m going me please💔💔

  • EGO Sensei
    EGO Sensei  2 days ago

    to the person who's reading this: may you have a blessed year!

  • donit gamer
    donit gamer  2 days ago +1

    I wonder what it's like to have an emotional breakdown

  • Sahil Tanna
    Sahil Tanna  2 days ago +2

    my friend group is currently falling apart but that’s just life :)))

    To everyone listening to this I wish you the best in your life.

  • Leen
    Leen  2 days ago

    Fake depressed 13 year olds have entered the chat

  • Sakura The Banshee
    Sakura The Banshee  3 days ago +1

    I commented something really cringy and extra when the video had just come out, and now I can find my comment... I just want to edit out the exclamation mark...

  • Mary Tim
    Mary Tim  3 days ago

    when you pee pants

  • Please Unsubscribe

    People don't and NEVER will understand my feelings because of they stupidity.

  • B[y]teWNDRNG
    B[y]teWNDRNG  3 days ago

    watching this at 2am on January, 2020. dont know what im doing with my life anymore. nothing makes me feel anymore. all the years that ive spent practicing my passions feel wasted. i hardly even get out of bed anymore. everything is just a blur

  • Sim S.
    Sim S.  3 days ago

    It's crazy how when you hit that age when the things that used to be fun aren't fun anymore. Now there feels like there a void there but you dont know what to do with it. You try to get a job, and it just ends up being a temporary distraction and you just dont know what to do anymore.

  • Pace
    Pace  4 days ago

    I'm ok...

  • No Soul
    No Soul  4 days ago

    A great way to start off the year losing 2 friends 🙃

  • kawaii cookie
    kawaii cookie  4 days ago +1

    damn...reading these comments are giving me goose bumps but thank you guys :, )

  • Samantha
    Samantha  4 days ago

    Bad times pass, but things don't always go back to how they used to be unfortunately, things don't always get happier