Rebuilding a wrecked Lamborghini bought from Copart

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • Rebuilding a wrecked Lamborghini Gallardo bought from Copartmerch:


  • Solo Dolo  4 months ago

    Everybody doing a Lambo from Copart now 😂

  • Jaxx Brat  2 months ago

    Easier said than done..

  • allowed saucer pops  4 months ago

    DAMMN.. All of them are rebuilding a lambo now

  • Dean F  3 months ago

    Me too-and having one it's all the better!

  • Elvin Delacrur  3 months ago

    I enjoyed watching the video, but the music isn't very pleasant.

  • Batman  2 months ago

    Elvin Delacrur It’s killing me.

  • Mr Fake Beast  4 months ago

    Legit there is a Lambo competition going on YouTube.

  • Alex Rebuilds  4 months ago

    I got some exclusive air fresheners once the car is done! Let me know!!

  • Christopher Gill  4 months ago

    Alex, just an fyi.. I love your channel and builds as well. I respect what you guys are doing!! Keep.up the awesome work.

  • AUTO REHAB  4 months ago

    Alex Rebuilds shoot I can use some now lol

  • Brozelot Brozen  3 months ago

    turn off the music please

  • Speed Trapp 219 D  3 months ago

    Just subscribed looking forward to this build

  • Jxck Bxi  4 months ago

    Get a 2nd gen gallardo rear end conversion like what tavarish did to his. It’ll look 100 times better

  • Vladimir Mishin  4 months ago

    Excellent project! Thee are still 8 lambos on copart as of today.

  • Erik Morejon  4 months ago

    It was my pleasure helping you get your car. Good luck on the Project !

  • AUTO REHAB  4 months ago

    Erik Morejon thanks man!! I wanted to include you in that video but man you I couldn’t hear anything over that forklift