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  • Published on:  Monday, July 2, 2018
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    'Neon Impasse' full album by City Girl
    © ℗ 2018 City Girl

    Ji-eun's Sunset - 0:00
    Mist Beneath Your Apartment - 2:47
    Velvet Garden - 6:16
    Tender Stare - 10:07
    Soft Overgrown Steps - 13:34
    Neon Impasse - 17:06
    Obsidian Skyline - 20:37
    Should I (feat. Maru) - 24:26
    The Light of an Egress - 27:46
    Slipping into Ash Filled Streets - 29:45
    Palette - 33:00
    City Girl - 36:28

    guitar, bass, piano, synth, drum programming - City Girl
    production, mixing, mastering - City Girl
    track 8 co-written and recorded by Maru

    art by vickisigh:
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    City Girl:


  • City Girl
    City Girl  a years ago +5786

    As the sun finally burrows its way into bed, you leave Ji-eun's apartment, finding the empty street outside lost in mist. You know your way back home but you don't take it.

    Throughout the city you find velvet gardens draped in the colors of nearby shop windows and cafes. The tender stare of a stranger, their face illuminated by phone light from below and street lamps from above. The steps you take start to melt into one another, softly being enveloped by some unknown force that carries you forward.

    The night blooms further, the light becomes more and more neon. The skyline turns obsidian and the same old doubts replay in your head. But the momentum of something greater than yourself pushes you forward. Into and then back out of the lights of different entrances, effecting your egress into the night over and over again.

    You lose track of time, slipping into ash filled streets farther from the center of the city. Outskirts where all color has been lost save for the silver rain of moonlight. An empty palette, a lake of mercury and ash, obsidian and velvet. Would any life have been lived the same as yours, City Girl?

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen  5 hours ago


  • Justin Greene
    Justin Greene  9 hours ago

    where you at these days? im really digging your style today. that rude person doesnt understand life.. might never.. its sad isnt it. But another moment later we move on and enjoy all that inspiration spiraling from your work. When i meditate. I breathe out and picture my soul at the center of the earth. As i breath in i feel and imagine myself breathing in and expanding to the very reaches of the universe.. taking it all in for just a moment. Only to breathe out and then find my soul unfilling and rushing back to the center of the universe. from less than an ant, top seeing all creation. in just a breath. I invite you all to close your eyes with good music like this in a quiet place and try this. Some people cant find quiet. but.. at night, you can. this can be an experience like no other. You are the center and everything in the universe at once. Its a humble feeling in so many ways. I noticed i could imagine things ive never seen.
    What will your experience be?...

  • 空条アイリン
    空条アイリン  20 hours ago

    これ聞いて風呂入ると、イイ女 男が風呂入ってるみたいになるぞ!

  • Debbie Speare
    Debbie Speare  yesterday +1

    Literally in love.

  • allyssa alviola

    love it!

    so kewl : )

  • 꾸하k
    꾸하k  2 days ago +1

    추천에 떠서 들어온 한국인인데
    뭐랄까 사랑에 잠기는 기분

  • mango
    mango  2 days ago

    Ji-eun's Sunset, City Girl good

  • Menme
    Menme  2 days ago


  • Brooke Hart
    Brooke Hart  2 days ago +1

    I 💖 the art work!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Samantha Cristina Cabrera Guzmán

    It's so beautiful I'm completely in love with all your music!

  • El_Sabroson
    El_Sabroson  2 days ago

    I fcking love this

  • محمد علي
    محمد علي  2 days ago


  • Ami Osorio
    Ami Osorio  3 days ago +3

    Not gonna lie i essencially cry and vent with this music it just helps somehow

  • Mateusz Kozak
    Mateusz Kozak  3 days ago

    Isn 't this Red from Transitor? Nice

  • Charlotte O'Hara
    Charlotte O'Hara  4 days ago

    This is my favourite album of yours. It doesn't happen often for me to be moved by music, especially to cry for it, but the track The light of an egress is different... it's so dreamy, ethereal, it feels so pure and magical, it's like the musical transposition of my feelings for my boyfriend whom I love the most. It makes me think of him in the best way possible, all that love running through me. I love it so much

  • lxlmacaroon_ bear

    9:39 I wish this part is longer 😇

  • noodle head
    noodle head  4 days ago

    i remember listening to the first song with a rap part on soundcloud and i couldn't find the original and i ended up forgetting about it

    when i clicked on this video, i recognized the very first song and i was so happy lol

  • TheWhiteKirby
    TheWhiteKirby  4 days ago +1

    So is city girl an artist or a playlist?

  • D Sonika
    D Sonika  5 days ago

    this is so good