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  • Published on:  Monday, July 2, 2018
  • physical CD's with sticker (* ^ ω ^)►'Neon Impasse' full album by City Girl© ℗ 2018 City Girl║tracklist║Ji-eun's Sunset - 0:00Mist Beneath Your Apartment - 2:47Velvet Garden - 6:16Tender Stare - 10:07Soft Overgrown Steps - 13:34Neon Impasse - 17:06Obsidian Skyline - 20:37Should I (feat. Maru) - 24:26The Light of an Egress - 27:46Slipping into Ash Filled Streets - 29:45Palette - 33:00City Girl - 36:28guitar, bass, piano, synth, drum programming - City Girlproduction, mixing, mastering - City Girltrack 8 co-written and recorded by Maru► by vickisigh:► twitter:► patreon:► store: Not repost or upload without specific written permissionCity Girl:►Twitter:►Soundcloud:►Spotify:


  • City Girl
    City Girl  a years ago +4550

    As the sun finally burrows its way into bed, you leave Ji-eun's apartment, finding the empty street outside lost in mist. You know your way back home but you don't take it.
    Throughout the city you find velvet gardens draped in the colors of nearby shop windows and cafes. The tender stare of a stranger, their face illuminated by phone light from below and street lamps from above. The steps you take start to melt into one another, softly being enveloped by some unknown force that carries you forward.
    The night blooms further, the light becomes more and more neon. The skyline turns obsidian and the same old doubts replay in your head. But the momentum of something greater than yourself pushes you forward. Into and then back out of the lights of different entrances, effecting your egress into the night over and over again.
    You lose track of time, slipping into ash filled streets farther from the center of the city. Outskirts where all color has been lost save for the silver rain of moonlight. An empty palette, a lake of mercury and ash, obsidian and velvet. Would any life have been lived the same as yours, City Girl?

  • aMkinfinity
    aMkinfinity  9 months ago +1723

    why did it take me so long to click this? thank goodness youtube recommendations are persistent.

  • The Spirit of Momma Jin's Tae Monster's SugaKookie

    Your music is gunna get in me in trouble. I already daydream too much as is, but the music you create takes me to another world.

  • Jae Hope
    Jae Hope  9 months ago +1277

    🌸Here's the tracklist for those who are listening to this beautiful album in phone🌸
    🎀Ji-eun's Sunset 0:00
    🎀Mist Beneath Your Apartment 2:47
    🎀Velvet Garden 6:16
    🎀Tender Stare 10:07
    🎀Soft Overgrown Steps 13:34
    🎀Neon Impasse 17:06
    🎀Obsidian Skyline 20:37
    🎀Should I (feat. Maru) 24:26
    🎀The Light of an Egress 27:46
    🎀Slipping into Ash
    Filled Streets 29:45
    🎀Palette 33:00
    🎀City Girl 36:28

  • Julian2aj
    Julian2aj  a years ago +1200

    Hey, I've been a fan of yours for a while now and am feeling very inspired to write my own music. I know you use LogicPro X, but I am curious how you get such a clean sound and such a variety of instruments. How much of what you do is with MIDI and how much is done through actual recordings? I would love a little help. Keep making music!

  • Key Chain
    Key Chain  9 months ago +66

    Shout-out to YouTube persistent recommendations. I love it! The entire album! New subscriber

  • ChaosKnight HD
    ChaosKnight HD  9 months ago +574

    Something about that artwork I find so enchanting. Maybe I'm into pale/pink hourglass girls.

  • AlexanderDscore
    AlexanderDscore  7 months ago +220

    The glass she's holding, and the way she's holding it gives me anxiety lmao

  • kawaiiturtle
    kawaiiturtle  9 months ago +625

    city girl,
    why do you look at the sky,
    at night when lights glow
    along streets flooded with people
    and bare flowerbeds
    city girl,
    when will you realize
    that the city is not perfect
    for you, run away
    to a place that’s open
    city girl,
    what are you thinking,
    staring off in the distance
    zoned out from busy streets
    and loud voices
    city girl,
    who do you love
    in your dreams of happiness
    and purple skies,
    blue roads and cream stars
    city girl,
    where do you want to go,
    perhaps a lonely beach
    or a vast forest
    or maybe back home
    city girl,
    how do you spend your days,
    where the nights are gone
    and your dreams leave;
    you look lonely.

  • lost voyager
    lost voyager  a years ago +614

    The first song had me caught, thx

  • mhexsis
    mhexsis  9 months ago +226

    listening to this on the front porch while its raining and drinking tea is a dream .

  • Kensu
    Kensu  9 months ago +135

    The colors to the background are just perfect. I wish there were an animation in this is style.

  • 壱岐杉郁郁
    壱岐杉郁郁  1 months ago


  • Ciar K
    Ciar K  9 months ago +72

    quite enjoyed this one, even though i'm kind of tired of lo-fi tbh. really dug the atmosphere throughout, felt kinda blissful. good shit.

  • crea the chi boi
    crea the chi boi  a years ago +51

    Will listen to.
    I wish for a city girl x sad boy with a laptop collab in future but then again, it's an opinion. Keep at it, City Girl.

  • そけいぶ
    そけいぶ  a years ago +1


  • ava k
    ava k  9 months ago +89

    this makes me want to drive on a highway going 120mph seeing the city pass me by

  • gorpsicle
    gorpsicle  9 months ago +678

    not to be rude, but u should change the title of the video to what it really is

  • あじさいていとく


  • Laaain 寒い夢
    Laaain 寒い夢  7 months ago