The Apple Pro Display XDR is UNDERRATED.

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 7, 2019
  • My initial review of the Pro Display XDR! Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro is no doubt but I'm most excited for Apple's Pro Display XDR which is a 32-inch 6K HDR Display that pack 1,000 nits of sustained brightness and rivals monitors up to $40,000. Yes, the $999 Apple stand sold separately is inarguably overpriced but even if Apple charged $5,999 and included the stand, it would be a great deal.

    Full Apple Pro Display XDR Specs:

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  • Jonathan Morrison
    Jonathan Morrison  4 months ago +96

    In depth Mac Pro video is up! 👀

  • Slayer 96 DA 2ND
    Slayer 96 DA 2ND  12 hours ago

    I'll buy it when I'm 90

  • Mark
    Mark  yesterday

    my first kidney was enough, now i gotta pay my 2nd with both my lungs

  • GemmyBoy Music [KBM]
    GemmyBoy Music [KBM]  2 days ago +2

    underpriced...... O_o
    Me: Who paid you???

  • AbG9619
    AbG9619  3 days ago

    It's all bullshit. Overpriced garbage

  • Gaming Limited
    Gaming Limited  3 days ago

    This guy is a fucking joke

  • frosty
    frosty  4 days ago +1

    Just because some “reference” monitor is more expensive, the 6 grand price is justified? There are so many sub 500 dollars 4K monitors that look amazing too. In reality it’s not all that much better than most 30 something inch high res monitors. Only that Apple priced it to drop some jaws and make people drool.

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama  5 days ago

    this is for real pros, not amateurs, the pros need good equipment to make big money

  • Richard Zheng
    Richard Zheng  6 days ago +1

    Apple is not releasing a ton of details on the XDR display yet, but I am assuming it won't be able to do a ton of stuff that a broadcast monitor can do. I think the XDR display will do a great job at accurately representing color in a 4k workflow, but missing all of the features that make a $40,000 broadcast monitor worth it.

    Am I going to be able to display content with the proper interlacing options? WIll I be able to plug multiple SDI inputs into the monitor and do multi-cam monitoring? Will it have scopes in real time so that I can view frame accurate changes in luminance? Will it have custom marker overlays for different aspect ratios? Will I be able to shoot flat in the camera but direct the feed into the monitor and have a LUT applied in real time for more accurate color representation to my client?

    I assume the answer is no to any of those.

    Some of their comparisons are also bullshit. Like there are broadcast monitors that can display HDR with 3,000 NITs at $43K or whatever that price was.

    Broadcast monitors have many uses outside of being a second screen. The XDR monitor will be fine for doing just that for video editors working in 4K HDR

  • DramaLama
    DramaLama  6 days ago

    The display in the intro is 23k but Sony is don’t charge you extra for the stand!!!

  • Dylan Power
    Dylan Power  6 days ago

    So if I buy this without the stand how do I get it too stand. Why the hell r they sold separate

  • Elitist Prince Dizzy

    I will edit a video on Adobe premiere on a PC 😑 an APPLETARD logic...

  • Austin Wirtz
    Austin Wirtz  6 days ago

    5:49 That crappy little desk chair in front of like $18,000 worth of technology... (not including the actual Mac Pro computer)

  • the one who does nothing

    Now I now it needs to be overpriced to be popular..

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz  7 days ago

    Why not just a 4ktv or a pc monitor?

  • lil 67
    lil 67  7 days ago

    who pays 999$ for a stand

  • Mcnok2011
    Mcnok2011  7 days ago

    Environmental move

  • James Sedonne
    James Sedonne  7 days ago

    Mac computers are really good but the main reason why I wouldn't look to buy their top end machine is that in 5 years the operating system that will be around then, might not be compatible. At best you might get 7 years use. Computer technology is still advancing at a rapid pace. Even if I had £5-10k going spare, I would stick to a middle spec Apple, it just makes good sense. On the other hand, if I worked for Lucasfilm and ILM, earning a huge salary which is set to increase every year, then of course I would buy a top end Apple computer, that would make perfect sense - but I don't.

  • PremierSoviet
    PremierSoviet  14 days ago +2

    Wait a minute...
    The Pro Stand seems to lack the one thing which justifies its price.

    The Apple Logo!

  • BtZ Ghost
    BtZ Ghost  14 days ago

    What was that 23 thousand dollar screen at the start called