Tekashi 6ix9ine Opens Up About Getting Kidnapped And Robbed In His Most Personal Interview Yet

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • The self-proclaimed "King of New York" himself pulled up to the Angie Martinez show and talked about his recent robbery, Vic Mensa, his childhood, Nicki Minaj, Drake + more!

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  • The Angie Martinez Show
    The Angie Martinez Show  4 months ago +2075

    6ix9ine Says Going Against Drake is Like "Going Against God” 🤔 thoughts? Clip 👉🏿 https://ihr.fm/2vdU63V

    • gloria hernandez
      gloria hernandez  2 days ago

      Boohow to make meat loaf

    • grace mora
      grace mora  7 days ago

      Oops I just listened to the whole interview lol he is the one that said going against Drake was like going against God. Sorry, I like Drake and all but not that statement from 69🤐😒🤤😪🙄

    • grace mora
      grace mora  7 days ago

      +DEE Dee, I guess you never knew or heard of Mohammed Ali. He use to do the same. He was a great boxer, everyone could see his skill on the boxing arena but every single time he had an interview in the arena or if he was in an office doing an interview he couldn't get some of the commentators question out that they were asking Mohammed because he couldn't stop saying how great he was. It was funny to me when I would hear Ali rant.
      I bugs me that so many people try and start beef with different rappers, it's not right or cool man cuz it's a dangerous game out there.
      This young man is an artist and he's a great marketing dude at his young age.
      I pray God blesses him in ALL his endeavors...no need for hatred here. Tallented can share it's stage with many artist.
      Drake should be grown enough and all ego aside. He's a grown man and this little dude is just coming up and doing better than most in the barrio, being raised by a single mom coming from Mexico. Props to the whole family and many blessings to him and everyone's efforts who come up like him.
      He was barely 18 when this thing happened with that 13 year old. He says he didn't know how old she was, female lie all the time to kick it and he admitted to being remorseful about the whole situation.
      Again..I pray he be blessed with all he does. I pray God's Angels watch out for him and all his family. It's a cruel world out their and I hope he knows that and prays Everytime he comes and goes. He's going to need God protection.
      Whoever's ever speaking about going against Drake is like going against God needs to know God because that is insulting to God and that statement is boarder line blasphemous against God and they better watch out boy cuz God don't play like that. Read Revelations LOL it will set you all straight 😆

    • DarthVader DaGreat
      DarthVader DaGreat  11 days ago

      your phone glass cracked is crazy. that is a few times you dropped that joint. you better show you got a new phone and fixed that glass. tru story

    • Cp3o
      Cp3o  11 days ago

      You should get icp on

  • TheAddhdkid
    TheAddhdkid  3 hours ago

    What happen to his driver??? What they do the the driver???

  • TheAddhdkid
    TheAddhdkid  4 hours ago

    43 mins shotti laughs

  • TheAddhdkid
    TheAddhdkid  4 hours ago


  • TheAddhdkid
    TheAddhdkid  4 hours ago

    42 mins he talking about shotti, listen to how shotti laughs

  • Elliot Classen
    Elliot Classen  5 hours ago

    Shotti set him up to get robbed. And he kept robbing him.. dude looks really shady and grimey and dude kept trying to promote his shady thug niggaz too saying tre way. Fuck outta here

  • Alma Dausas
    Alma Dausas  6 hours ago


  • Mackenzie Mullin
    Mackenzie Mullin  9 hours ago +1

    his voice is so soothing 🤣

  • Lady Shay
    Lady Shay  10 hours ago

    Why she ask him why did you lose weight because you were depressed? Of course he was depressed seeing his father dead on the floor wtf dumb question

  • ajaxmuse
    ajaxmuse  15 hours ago

    Muchdank brought me Here

  • Amanda Abouelkhir
    Amanda Abouelkhir  18 hours ago

    I’ve been in to many situations when you feel your about to die and beaten down to nothing , you know the lord is not done with you making a positive difference in this life . Amen

  • Prunk Doo
    Prunk Doo  20 hours ago

    what a stupid human bean

  • Gabriel Araujo
    Gabriel Araujo  yesterday

    why does this bitch laugh so much at shit thats not even funny?

  • Sherry Parker
    Sherry Parker  yesterday

    I glad you are with your Mexican Family
    God Bless you and your family
    I love your personality

  • Sherry Parker
    Sherry Parker  yesterday

    You are absolutely Correct excellent points of views my Brother they wasn't prepared for your perspective stay strong Sara is your ride and Die
    God Bless

  • Sherry Parker
    Sherry Parker  yesterday

    Love his personality Strong Real and True
    May God Continue to protect you and your family
    God Bless

  • Perrin Dushime
    Perrin Dushime  yesterday

    ''ayy man stop wearing vlone man we had treyway merch man come on"😂😂😂😂

  • Jateya Adams
    Jateya Adams  yesterday

    This woman flakey... how many movie came out about artist and tge radio had to get paid to spin controversial music i.e. black music. How can the radio not honor its foundation? Thats like America not honoring slavery.

  • Jateya Adams
    Jateya Adams  yesterday +1

    The only reason their radio spins go down is because us "streamers" dont fuck with the radio... but EVERYBODY fucks with streams so its a more ACCURATE demographic!!! Gtfoh!!! Dont play him.

    • Jateya Adams
      Jateya Adams  yesterday

      Sn: drake and nicki is to radio what tekashi iand X is to streams.

  • Chereze Persad
    Chereze Persad  yesterday

    He may not b super bad or gangster af but one thing I know for sure is that he's real, he's smart, he's humble when needed to b or who he needs to b humble n polite to n alot of mfs hating n jelly of him bcuz of how he trolls people n gets on their nerve n I think he's most hated bcuz he exposes mfs n doesn't sugar coat what he has to say to or about anyone n that's as real as it gets so who don't like him can go tf home but I like this kid n he's gonna make it bigger than he's already made it!!! *FREE 6IX9INE*