Experience Is The Best Teacher In Life

  • Published on:  Thursday, March 7, 2019
  • Have you ever heard the expression 'experience is the best teacher in life'? I bet you probably did, but have you ever taken the time to fully grasp the significance of it?

    This statement simply refers to the idea that everything you learn must be grounded in direct experience, as going through the actual process is what grows you the most. No matter how much you study, how many concepts you know, or how many hours you spend on researching a topic, if you fail in implementing those teachings, you'll find yourself in the same place as you were when you began.

    With all this information available it is almost impossible not to fall into the trap of mental masturbation, which means to engage in intellectually stimulating conversations with little to no real benefits. This is why I decided to tackle this issue in more depth, as if you want to get real results out of your work, you must know the theory, but more importantly, you must work on actualizing it.

    This concept is very important, especially if you are interested in personal development. I see many people searching for topics such as 'how to study smart', or 'how to become successful in life', but this is not how it works... Yes, learning about new things feels good because it seems like you are building your model of the world that way by agreeing or disagreeing with the teachings, but that is a trap. The only way you can get to the next level of development is by listening and then applying the advice you get from different teachers.

    The information provided in this video is a mixture between scientific studies, and my own life experience.

    Enjoy! :)

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