【Chill Out Music】Jazz ballade Music - Music for relax - Background Music

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 6, 2016
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    ☕ About Cafe Music BGM channel
    We are making Cafe music for relaxation, for work, for study, etc.
    All music in this video & in this channel is original music by us.
    We are playing all the songs.

    📜 What is BGMC?
    Gentle light that shines through the blinds
    One glass of water after waking up
    The tender breeze from the window that we feel with all our body

    These things are too ordinary in everyday life to be conscious.
    But we can't live even if one of them is missing.
    "BGMC - BGM channel" has been providing music, hoping to be like them.

    Though it is colorless and transparent, we want to make the listener's daily life as colorful as possible.
    That is the essence of the music we deliver.

    Light, water, wind, and BGMC
    A new value for music.

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  • África María José Giraldez

    Muy relajante... Espero me duerma 2,02........ohj, 🌹🎼❤️

  • Mikael Martin
    Mikael Martin  3 months ago +2


  • 松岡敏文
    松岡敏文  3 months ago


  • nop
    nop  4 months ago +5


  • Azlan Zainal Abidin
    Azlan Zainal Abidin  4 months ago +2

    Very soothing after a stressful day..just the music to end my day on a good note

  • Roberto Higueros Gonzalez

    Excelente selección, gracias!!!!!

  • 62Poppop
    62Poppop  5 months ago +1

    As a writer, this is excellent music to write by. Thumbs up!!

  • Bryan Moore
    Bryan Moore  5 months ago +1

    Great for driving in rush hour less road rage and speeding tickets.

  • Rose Bentley
    Rose Bentley  5 months ago +3

    These. Jazz. Videos. Are. A. Great. Way. Also. To. Relieve. Stress. I. Really. Enjoy. Them.

  • lelence71
    lelence71  5 months ago

    Thank you for this great playlist. I enjoy listening 🤗

  • Lin Chambers
    Lin Chambers  5 months ago +3

    Perfect Jazz.

  • Lin Chambers
    Lin Chambers  5 months ago

    I love this night jazz most.

  • Lin Chambers
    Lin Chambers  5 months ago

    Haha...not bad very suitable night jazz.

  • Gamergirlvanessa Joceline vj

    Fantastic wow fantastic

  • lillawn0
    lillawn0  6 months ago


  • LiEL's리엘로그
    LiEL's리엘로그  7 months ago +1


  • Andria Clark
    Andria Clark  7 months ago +1

    Beautiful and relaxing. Music for a relaxing bath too. Bubble!!! Champagne candles, and yourself. Stress free. Nobody but you. Letting the music soothe you. Yeah that's what jazz is for. Putting you in a relaxed mood. From the stress of the day. Peace!!!

  • Givaldo S Santos
    Givaldo S Santos  9 months ago +2

    Para quem aprecia música de qualidade, essa é uma excelente opção. Parabéns aos criadores do post.

  • tfkco
    tfkco  9 months ago

    1曲目はなんていう曲なんだろう 浮遊感があって眠る前にすごくいいね

  • laventier
    laventier  10 months ago

    Baru aja ditinggal nikah pasangan.

    Tp berkat dengar musik ini kini bantal aku basah krn air mata jatuh makin deres keingetan dia ditemenin dengar lagu mendayu ini..

    Terima kasih bro