Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • There’s still nothing in our constitution that explicitly prohibits sex discrimination. John Oliver talks about how to fix that.

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  • Mar Lin
    Mar Lin  9 hours ago

    There's no such thing as a wage gap. Women aren't asking for equality of opportunity, they're asking for equality of outcome.
    That's why men will always be paid more in specialized fields.

  • Kristina X
    Kristina X  22 hours ago

    John is amazing.. keep it up ❤️

  • Maria Ledin
    Maria Ledin  yesterday +1

    When you look at the map for which ones denied the ERA and think “fuck, my state is one of them”

  • Harry Tee
    Harry Tee  2 days ago

    My woman has the right to make me a sandwich 🥪! 😎

  • Sandra Verduzco
    Sandra Verduzco  2 days ago

    Won’t be South Carolina 😂😂

  • Janelli Marie
    Janelli Marie  3 days ago

    I had to pause the vid at 1:00, I was laughing way to hard! 🤣🤣🤣

  • excellent atrocity

    I'm white but I also hate white people

  • Damien Rafalowski

    Equal rights IS in the constitution. It's derived from the 14th amendment.

  • KarliN
    KarliN  7 days ago

    That woman, Phylis Schlafli(?)?, Beautiful and yet so disgusting person.

  • TheCreeperTrack
    TheCreeperTrack  7 days ago

    I want women to serve in the draft. Thank the ERA.

  • Zukarin Kiku
    Zukarin Kiku  7 days ago

    13:40 I pride myself in knowing us states locations, but Arizona is so disregarded, that I thought it was Alabama for a second.

  • Timmy Stitch
    Timmy Stitch  7 days ago +1

    Let’s also get the desapled special needs blind learning etc (not drugs addictive) under that ERA like its 2019 and we still not the same grand

  • Jerzy Feliks
    Jerzy Feliks  7 days ago

    He didn't even get close to what a troll she's been. Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2YO0nSXTiM and hear that evil laugh @ 6:08

  • e75149938
    e75149938  7 days ago

    I'm all in for the ERA... For all the good things it could provide women, but also to prevent this fake pay gap crap.

  • Maddie B.
    Maddie B.  7 days ago

    Petition to make "a Schlafly" the equivalent of "an Uncle Tom"

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen  7 days ago +1

    sigh There's always an asshole in here. Really? You can't agree on the most basic of issues?

  • Brad
    Brad  7 days ago

    Speaking from a constitutional law perspective, the ERA could, not will, but could have negative unintended consequences. When interpreting laws and their constitutionality, courts use various types of "scrutiny." These three are, rational basis, intermediate, and strict scrutiny. As of right now, all gender legal issues are analyzed under intermediate scrutiny which means the law must "Serve an important government objective, and Be substantially related to achieving the objective." If the ERA is passed the laws would be analyzed under strict scrutiny which means the law must
    "There is a compelling state interest behind the challenged policy, and The law or regulation is narrowly tailored to achieve its result." While the difference between these looks minuscule, legally it could create some problems. For example: The Supreme Court may be able to remove parental rights from the father of an unborn child (for abortion purposes) under intermediate scrutiny but would not be able to remove those rights under strict scrutiny, allowing fathers to prevent abortions. Just wanted to shed a little light on the POSSIBLE legal ramifications.

  • pop5678eye
    pop5678eye  7 days ago +1

    People misunderstanding the Constitution? Stop the presses! I thought everyone knew the Constitution verbatim since birth, before they even learned how to talk!

  • dontcare
    dontcare  7 days ago

    why does he keep saying gender, the amendment and everyone involved in the clips he showed all say sex...wtf. thats such an obvious mistake, i find it hard to believe it wasn't intentional

  • redbarnz
    redbarnz  14 days ago +1

    Are you sure she didn't mean 'tired of living in the USA'...?