Equal Rights Amendment: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 9, 2019
  • There’s still nothing in our constitution that explicitly prohibits sex discrimination. John Oliver talks about how to fix that.Connect with Last Week Tonight online...Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/lastweektonightFind Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: www.facebook.com/lastweektonightFollow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: www.twitter.com/lastweektonightVisit our official site for all that other stuff at once: www.hbo.com/lastweektonight


  • Guus Janssen  17 days ago

    _"I'm so sick of living here"_ should be on the flag of Florida.

  • Fantastic Fedoraman  11 hours ago

    Guus Janssen i concur, I also would like to move to legally change the climate so I can wear sweatpants all year.

  • WNC1901  16 days ago

    Roast more states please. I want a five minute sesh at the end of every episode until you cover all fifty.

  • (Paraphrasing Bill Maher) *WYOMING:* we copy-pasted Colorado and forgot to put people in it(also Bill Maher) *MAINE:* Population: Steven King, two lobsters, and a bear*MINNESOTA:* America's Canada*ILLINOIS:* known for that one warzone city and nothing else*MICHIGAN:* Iron's good for you, so why not lead!*ARIZONA:* It's a dry hate.

  • Garrett Slobey  12 hours ago

    that's genius!

  • greenyawgmoth  16 days ago

    14:38 "Holy SHIT, Mississippi!" yeah I learned something about MS today, and it's not terribly surprising.

  • JLS_FLX_GRNDLWLD  2 days ago

    greenyawgmoth As a European I was like wtf that can‘t be real

  • MrSinister718  4 days ago

    Doesn't this prove that not everyone is equal? Ironic.

  • Kristin Kulman  15 days ago

    It's 2019, and we still have to say, *"Mississippi, Goddam".*

  • r0bw00d  yesterday

    Oh look, another precious snowflake who knows the current year. Good for you!

  • ZhangtheGreat  2 days ago

    We'll be saying that for awhile. There's a reason Dr. King called out Mississippi by name in his "I Have a Dream" speech and no other state.

  • Masta Bay  14 days ago

    I am from Hong kong, Can you please cover Hong Kong anti extradition Law protest

  • Masta Bay  2 days ago

    @CTO Information I think everyone born equal... lemme update you about HK, we are being China slaves now and we don't wanna be.

  • Bright Ivan  17 days ago

    "Alabama... it definitely won't be you"Im dead.

  • lovemoviesful2  22 hours ago

    @big balls And then send them war to died. And once they're born, they can died.

  • @big balls is literally a flat earther.

  • Kaylee Morris  16 days ago

    John Oliver: ..Phyllis Schlafly. If you've never heard of her, congradulations.Me: Um, I think you're mistaken, that's Dolores Umbridge.

  • DigiVixen  3 days ago

    Nah, DeVos is Umbridge.

  • I.I U  9 days ago

    Spot on!

  • Kamilla Gunzinger  10 days ago

    Phyllis Schlafly's Math Time:A divorce between a husband and wife.Under ERA, each parent gets one child.2 children.Sorry child #3, we're sending you to the camp. It's the law now.

  • Vistico93  3 days ago

    @Kris Van Pelt Solomon would want it that way. After all, it's in the Bible...

  • Katie Klaws  8 days ago

    Yea u gotta cut that 3rd kid in half to make it equal!! Ffs can we find a middle ground already!! 😹

  • Scott Jewett  10 days ago

    Seems very telling that most of the states that haven't ratified the ERA are below the Mason-Dixon line...

  • Emulator Jesus  yesterday

    and the average IQ line

  • Marie Pettit  3 days ago

    Jae Lynn as a resident of Florida, I can attest to this :(

  • sherpy taona  8 days ago

    Q: Why do all the trees in Alabama lean west? A: Mississippi Sucks