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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
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  • Z nation squad  11 months ago

    Nique this was a lit video love you #teamnique you should pin this

  • Keionna Jackson  5 months ago

    Hey 👋🏻 youHey 👋🏻 global

  • Roshonda Peoples  6 months ago

    Life with Zyleria w

  • Alisha Pride  11 months ago

    Kaiser is getting so big I can't wait till he comes 💙

  • Miraclenextdoor  11 months ago

    Nique coming through with the videos 🤪. We need a skin routine tho😫😍.

  • Queen Carmeeennn  11 months ago

    U watch all of them and always been in they comment sopporting that's so sweet

  • Aaron Picard  11 months ago

    Miracle R. Not again 😂😂😂😍😘

  • Babyfacekay  11 months ago

    nique dont even need makeup she is naturally pretty like yass

  • ZAKHIA LEE  6 months ago

    Periodtt she cute already

  • Julie Nichole  11 months ago

    ROYALTY Squad what you lying for 🤦🏽‍♀️ plus she don’t even wear a lot of it she looks the exact same

  • JaNiya Lettries  11 months ago

    idk why but i love watching nique videos , it don’t matter what she doing ima always watch her 😩❤️ & i really look up to her man & she just so so pretty bruh😍😍

  • They Envykayla  10 months ago

    JaNiya Lettries me to

  • Wendy Petty  11 months ago

    +Life As Nique i love u

  • stuckup. jayy  11 months ago

    I been waiting for you to post on this channel u is beautiful without make up 😍😍

  • stuckup. jayy  11 months ago

    Lailonie th gmaer that's what I meant to say it was a auto correct and I didn't look at it thx I think she know what I meant

  • Lailonie th gmaer  11 months ago

    stuckup. jayy or without makeup she cute no matter what😀

  • Sydney Noël  11 months ago

    U & king better stay together ❕💍 domo & Crissy broke up & that broke me ❕😩

  • chelsea paige  4 months ago

    I hate to say it. But popular couples on YouTube always break up. Its wayyyyy better to keep your relationship secretive, instead of tryna make it seem like yall perfect and everything is perfect.

  • Ayrece Mo’Nae TV  11 months ago

    life with Sydney wait so that was real

  • Jakayla Townsel  11 months ago

    My slow self thought it was still soap on her nose but it was her nose ring 💀😂🤦🏾‍♀️ But Kaiser is getting sooooooooo freaking big and he’s gonna have a great mom and dad. I wish you guys the best❤️

  • Hala Salaheddin  11 months ago

    Skin care routine next?🤪(that’s if she ain’t do it in the video😂.)

  • Johnazia Davis  11 months ago

    Carol Smith How ?

  • Hala Salaheddin  11 months ago

    Carol Smith umm noo💀.

  • Naiyyira  11 months ago

    Did y’all see how thick my girl Nique got.😍😍🍑

  • Raunisha Banks  11 months ago

    Jannah right at 6:41 ! 😭

  • Ester Shavy  11 months ago

    Yesh girl she looking good too