Earthquake California 5.3 Caught Live On Bald Eagle Nest Cam Sauces Channel Islands 4.5.18

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018
  • h 12:27 (8:05) Dad was with the chicks. Eagles reaction before, during and after the earthquake.Video captured and edited by sperantaexista1. Thank you for watching!Link to Sauces Bald Eagle - Channel Islands National Park Cams: Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


  • Mellia Boom Bot
    Mellia Boom Bot  4 months ago +198

    Earthquake at 8,11 if u r in a rush.....

  • International Harvester
    International Harvester  a years ago +157

    I'm just fascinated with birds' nests, imagine building something so big with just your claws and beak and flying back and forth for just about each and every stick.

  • Barbara Dean
    Barbara Dean  a years ago +139

    She work on getting the baby's to middle of nest and off the edge just before it hit..Nice going mom.

  • Jamar Reid
    Jamar Reid  a years ago +40

    They're very instinctual and intelligent

  • wms72
    wms72  a years ago +79

    He landed before the quaking stopped, as if he knew it would not get worse. He was temporarily startled, but when he saw there was nothing attacking the nest that he would have attacked from the air, he flew back to protect the nestlings

  • Damian._.draws
    Damian._.draws  8 months ago +32

    okay as you can see the quake starts at 8:04 and the dad is very concerned by the shaking and he comes back temporarily so the baby's stay in the nest for about 5 to 4 seconds and then after probably 1 minute later the quake ends so they were okay if it was worse the nest would of fallen down. but thanks for the clip it was very amusing to watch as the earthquake started i was very concerned about the next but thank you for the clip!

  • Marjolaine Menard
    Marjolaine Menard  5 months ago +17

    It's beautiful to see how caring they are with their young! It's such a beautiful, intelligent bird! Looove bald eagles! 😍😍 favorite bird of all time!!

  • God of plumbing
    God of plumbing  3 months ago +10

    This is like my house. When mama bird returns she looks over the nest, and says to papa bird "what the hell did you do while I was gone?"

  • Ducksauce
    Ducksauce  11 months ago +35

    8:53 Dad eagle looks at chicks asking "What kind of black magic you all just pull?🤨Better not be practicing no Voodoo up in this nest. We don't need no poltergeist😒"

  • TheLavenderLover
    TheLavenderLover  3 months ago +5

    Daddy makes an appearance and checks if all is ok after the quake. The babies tell him all about it! Then mom gets to take off and stretch her wings. :)

  • isbsey
    isbsey  21 days ago +3

    He knew something was up! He got the chicks to lie low and flat. Their instinct is amazing.
    Earthquake apart - isn't it funny how beautiful most mammal babies are even when they grow into less photogenic adults, but beautiful birds like these eagles and snow white swans are not very pretty as young babies. I was an ugly duckling. At 66 is it too late to hope for a metamorphosis? Lol

  • O E
    O E  1 months ago +5

    She sensed that before it actually hit. And like my mum when I dog came running toward me, she flew out of the way and left me to it 😂. Motherly instincts eh 🙄.

  • ML R
    ML R  4 months ago +4

    The importance of a well-constructed nest....

  • Joanne Wagner
    Joanne Wagner  11 months ago +16

    Oh my gosh. I have never seen anything like this before--from Western New York; God bless the Eagles.

  • Sheri Mat
    Sheri Mat  8 months ago +11

    That was scary to watch! It sure through them for a loop! My heart goes out to them as they have no clue what just happened!

  • Mavis Twice
    Mavis Twice  6 months ago +4


  • robin2012ism
    robin2012ism  11 months ago +15

    That woke everybody up.

  • Mary Cebzanov
    Mary Cebzanov  a years ago +46

    OMG. TG the nest didn't fall. Mom looking around as if she could feel something was gonna happen.

  • LaVern Reid
    LaVern Reid  3 months ago +1

    Love eagles

  • J.C.S Swede
    J.C.S Swede  6 months ago +2

    Poor eagles