Letting The Person In Front Of Me Decide What I Do!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 2, 2019
  • Things got weird but I kinda like it 😂


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  • Mohd Hairi Dobbie Abdullah

    I think you should be with tia

  • lps *BON_BON*
    lps *BON_BON*  28 days ago

    Is it just me or do we miss lurex😭😭😭😭

  • Mara Murer
    Mara Murer  1 months ago

    aye where my Filipinos at? I'm only half but whatevaaaaa😂😂

  • armybanqtan
    armybanqtan  2 months ago

    The last day you stayed in boracay, was the first day i arrived in boracay 😭😭

  • J-hope Is SO CUTE!
    J-hope Is SO CUTE!  2 months ago

    “Mmmm Ma Salrap” LETS GO FILIPINO’S!

  • _Keerthana_
    _Keerthana_  2 months ago +1

    Yayyy they broke up.. I never shipped them anyway.. sorry .. I like Alex n nessa merrel better.

  • Wendy Huerta
    Wendy Huerta  3 months ago

    Love the hair lol at the end

  • Kaitlin Cooper
    Kaitlin Cooper  3 months ago

    8:50 is that how you do it? 😂

  • Cate Cummings
    Cate Cummings  3 months ago

    you guys should date

  • Andrea Valdez
    Andrea Valdez  3 months ago

    I clicked away as soon as I saw her

  • jj jj
    jj jj  3 months ago

    i thought him and nezza had a thing

  • Celso Diaz
    Celso Diaz  3 months ago

    Fuck no the kiss

  • Jazzy Ramiro
    Jazzy Ramiro  3 months ago

    I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baenne Obaid
    Baenne Obaid  3 months ago

    Wer is loraun

  • Virginia Mialma
    Virginia Mialma  3 months ago +1

    I saw Alex at Vidcon and I was like OMG, i geeked and didn’t realize I was gonna geek so hard honestly but I did. love these videos so much

  • Poe Poe
    Poe Poe  3 months ago +1

    Anyone notice Alex hands at 8:50 😂😂

    What does it look like?

  • Airyl Baluyut
    Airyl Baluyut  3 months ago

    I haven’t see alex talk filipino

  • Itskingpablo
    Itskingpablo  3 months ago

    I'm not Philippino but I'm West Indian and a little East (not full) and eating spaghetti with hotdogs are the BEST

  • Olivia Scott
    Olivia Scott  3 months ago +1

    8:51 what are you doing

  • Diana Smith-Lind
    Diana Smith-Lind  3 months ago

    Omg I hate her