Chris Broussard on if Kyle Kuzma is Lakers' 2nd star, talk Luke Walton's job status | NBA | THE HERD

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to talk NBA on today's show. Hear why Chris Broussard likens Kyle Kuzma to Scottie Pippen in some ways, and breaks down Luke Walton's job security for the Los Angeles Lakers.#TheHerd #NBA #KyleKuzma #LukeWaltonSUBSCRIBE to get all the latest content from The Herd: ►Watch the latest content from The Herd: ►Watch our favorite content on “Best of The Herd”: ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel:►UNDISPUTED’s YouTube channel: ►Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: See more from THE HERD: Like THE HERD on Facebook: Follow THE HERD on Twitter: Follow THE HERD on Instagram: Follow Colin Cowherd on Twitter: About The Herd with Colin Cowherd:The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.Chris Broussard on if Kyle Kuzma is Lakers' 2nd star, talk Luke Walton's job status | NBA | THE HERD Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • Who's the 2nd best player on the Lakers?

  • Eric Canfield  7 months ago

    @Labron Troupe exactly. If Lonzo wasnt on the team Ingram would be playing point and he would look a lot better. He plays solid D and he is lethal with the ball in his hands. I saw the games he started at PG last year. I then realized they drafted a PG but already had a better one on their roster

  • Labron Troupe  7 months ago

    Eric Canfield exactly. Ingram is a playmaker not just a scorer. He did so good last year before LeBron got there. Trade ingram and they will regret it. Kuzma is melo 2.0 all he does is score. No defense not a great passer

  • Marky Mark  7 months ago

    Didn’t Colin say that kuzma had hit his ceiling already at the beginning of the year?? Flip flopper Colin back at it again 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Atticus Hare  7 months ago

    He said that exactly when Michael Rapaport was on the show. Colin is absolute trash 😂

  • Joseph Boston  7 months ago

    Man, I was about to post this until I saw you already on it lol

  • Young Thug  7 months ago

    Colin keeps flippin and he keeps flopping... acting like hes been on the kuzma bandwagon for 2 years

  • Raj Sidhu  7 months ago

    thank you, took the words right out my mouth...Colin never admits he hes saying "Am I wrong" ...Yes you are wrong wrote Kooz off at the beginning of the year and said Ingrim would step you acting like you never said that...jeez

  • Jason Tan  7 months ago

    Classic Colin. Only consistent thing he has is his lust for LeBron

  • daniel castle  7 months ago

    When Ingram was punching people these same guys were saying he was a dog too.

  • 22BCMF  7 months ago

    daniel castle I’m pretty sure I remember calling Collin saying Ingram didn’t have dog and he was picking on someone smaller in Chris Paul to try to prove to lebron he does have dog

  • bob brown  7 months ago

    ingram got pig. that not dog. a dog will help you out. a pig will bite someone.

  • Ian  7 months ago

    Idk why Jordan gets full credit for Scottie Pippen career 🤷🏼‍♂️ he was coached by Tex Winter & Phil Jackson - I love how the coaching staff gets 0 credit for Scottie Pippen’s development lol

  • 22BCMF  7 months ago

    br 1251 you comment this on a video in which in a loss to the rockets the two people talking are heaping praise on one of lebron’s teammates

  • 22BCMF  7 months ago

    E Breezy yeah, and Pippen gets no credit of his own

  • Guiltysimpson  7 months ago

    Kuzma is flourishing because he's the perfect player for Luke's Offense. He doesn't have to dominate the ball like ingram, and i think he has a bit of a Chip on his shoulder too.

  • Shaun Swayyy  7 months ago

    *lebrons offense

  • SangheiliWarrior  7 months ago

    Kuzma is an absolute beast! Definitly 2nd best on the team

  • First best

  • Adam V  7 months ago

    Danny Branderson that’s on Luke like you said. He needs to draw up plays for Kuz cuz that’s their 2nd guy. Would also be a good idea to draw up plays for Zo cuz Lakers are best when he’s at his best. But Luke doesn’t have one good play in his play book they’re all super predictable

  • Flatbush_Ant  7 months ago

    Haven’t watched Colin in months.. still an idiot

  • M O  7 months ago

    Flatbush_Ant yeah he’s old and tired. Fan of the moment talking head. Nothing ever spicy or too outlandish. Cumpanee Mann.

  • My man

  • Hey Hayes  7 months ago

    Kuzma has been working with Kobe. Colin won't ever admit this though

  • Mike Puck  7 months ago

    Kuzma works out with Lebron too but 😴

  • The Flash 2019  7 months ago

    @Hirameku yes he does with his telekinesis

  • TwArDxL  7 months ago

    Shoutout to everybody who ignored the media and knew Kuzma was the better player snd the media needed a star in Ingram

  • TwArDxL  7 months ago

    theMillennialDude y’all gettin more and more direct huh