Chris Broussard on if Kyle Kuzma is Lakers' 2nd star, talk Luke Walton's job status | NBA | THE HERD

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 14, 2018
  • Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to talk NBA on today's show. Hear why Chris Broussard likens Kyle Kuzma to Scottie Pippen in some ways, and breaks down Luke Walton's job security for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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    Chris Broussard on if Kyle Kuzma is Lakers' 2nd star, talk Luke Walton's job status | NBA | THE HERD

    The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Who's the 2nd best player on the Lakers?

  • Kedy McCauliff
    Kedy McCauliff  a years ago

    Dumb dumb dumb

  • Kedy McCauliff
    Kedy McCauliff  a years ago

    Hundreds of thousands being dealt here. I’m a teacher, wtf, can I get some

  • Shannon Sharpe
    Shannon Sharpe  a years ago

    Jerry West was clutch watch the finals he was in

  • Jensen Toussaint
    Jensen Toussaint  a years ago

    I don’t appreciate that Temple diss at the end, Colin.

  • Javier Argueta
    Javier Argueta  a years ago

    Kuzma is a good #2 scorer but he is a horrible defensive player because he is too slow defensively.

  • Marcos Benavides
    Marcos Benavides  a years ago

    Bruh can people please leave Beal out of their mouth lol my wizards already suck and ya wanna make us worse and all because Lebron needs help lol #GetYourOwnTalent

  • john doe
    john doe  a years ago

    40 and 20? That is insane! 51% is a miracle.

  • john doe
    john doe  a years ago

    Simply because of cowherd having that ridiculous desk I didn’t like him but he has grown on me.

  • Rajiv Muvva
    Rajiv Muvva  a years ago

    Huh? Colin is mocking the ring theory? Wtf does he say ab Westbrook every day lmao “Westbrook can’t win he has no rings so he’s diminished as a player”

  • raul ruiz
    raul ruiz  a years ago

    Terry rozier to lakers. Keep ingram.

  • Beats S
    Beats S  a years ago

    I thought lonzo was supposed to be the next magic johnson to laker fans lmfao

  • Bonnie Stevenson
    Bonnie Stevenson  a years ago

    Phil Jackson will Never coach a LeBron James team....Mark Jackson may be a great fit....

  • Caleb Ford
    Caleb Ford  a years ago

    Rondo ball Ingram kuzma lebron McGee chandler + beal would be a great three point shooting team?? Tf?
    Plus you can’t get beal without giving up Ingram + hart

  • RariGold
    RariGold  a years ago

    The thing with Kuzma is that his game matches perfectly with Lebron you know why because Kuzma can shoot better which means he doesn't need the ball to make a play but Ingram likes creating for himself and can't shoot as well yet but he can do more because of his talent and length but we seen Zo and when Zo does great the lakers are unbeatable because we already know Zo can rebound, pass, and defend he has been their best defender on the perimeter this year great last year it's just his expectations were out of this world but look at a guy like Greek Freak his rookie year was not great he didn't even average more than 9 points per game but like at him now a MVP candidate not even 25 yet still can't shoot but still has potential you know why because he was allowed to grow and if he failed nobody would care just give some guys time

  • Emeka Ekwulugo
    Emeka Ekwulugo  a years ago

    Damn Chris was right about the Cowboys too. Straight goat

  • Eazy Da Chef
    Eazy Da Chef  a years ago

    Chris was right about what he said at the end... listen to him and you can win some money betting. He was spot on about the Colts.

  • Brian Kearney
    Brian Kearney  a years ago

    This man said Beal Lebron and Kuz is a championship team? blocked

  • MusicKnowledge1
    MusicKnowledge1  a years ago


  • size carter
    size carter  a years ago

    i rember colin was saying kuzmas limited of developement nearly reached that kuzma improves he just does as he never faivored ingram over kuzma