Rebuilding a Wrecked 2016 Dodge Hellcat

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 24, 2018
  • Rebuilding a Wrecked 2016 Dodge HellcatMerch: me on Snapchat & Instagram: AlexRebuildsEmail: I wait for the Nissan 370Z Nismo to get painted in a week or 2 I go ahead and pick up and new project. 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat!!FreeBackgroundMusicAmadeus – Superior - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release]Music Provided by Noncopyrightsounds


  • FixItNick
    FixItNick  9 months ago +242

    subscribed 👍gotta support my brothers in rebuilding world lol, for $20,000 that was a really good price, hopefully damage is better than it looks, will be following this build !!

  • wise and humble!!
    wise and humble!!  8 months ago +247

    Forklifts did 25% of the damage!!!

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis  5 months ago +51

    lol he grabbed a paper towel to grab the fuel fill handle.

  • PsnTheGoat
    PsnTheGoat  yesterday

    Where did u get the hellcat 😍n how much u pay for it

  • Ruben
    Ruben  7 months ago +98

    Lottery cards and Walmart receipts... The car was for sure financed for 72 months

  • Israel Pantoja
    Israel Pantoja  5 months ago +15

    Pumps 87 gas yet used napkin to grab nozzle .... oxymoron af 91 ftw

  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen  7 months ago +68

    You put the car too far ahead on the trailer.That's why the truck is squatting...........

  • bru Bna
    bru Bna  2 days ago

    i think whoever drove the car, cant drive manual. hit gas panel instead of

  • William Greenwalt
    William Greenwalt  2 months ago +1

    I watched you rebuild the hellcat thanks for sharing the tips on body work ExcEllent

  • Charles Cummings
    Charles Cummings  9 months ago +252

    Your dog has a death wish lol

  • VEST 1GE
    VEST 1GE  6 months ago +2

    that is the hellcat that speirstheamazinghd owns, (And crashed)
    i think

  • T Sip
    T Sip  7 months ago +2

    RaceTrac in commerce GA

  • Animal Soul
    Animal Soul  8 months ago +3

    keep up the good work Alex , your channel will grow bigger and bigger with time ^^ peace from africa haha .

  • John Crone
    John Crone  7 months ago +10

    if you are going to label it REBUILDING.. we actually want to see you rebuild it.

  • Im A M1stake
    Im A M1stake  8 months ago +4

    I swear that truck looks familiar? Is it goonzsquads? That's where I recognize it. Also just found you and will be following this build and the ones to cone.

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson  4 months ago

    Alex : not sure what he was doing ..
    Me: looks like he was doing about a buck eighty

  • Erik Larson
    Erik Larson  7 months ago +1

    I literally died when you said the shock was expensive. Lol! Amazing.

  • Hammouti Ali
    Hammouti Ali  5 months ago +1

    20.000 + 33000 dollar for all the materials and registration.

  • Esketit *_*
    Esketit *_*  8 months ago +151

    It's almost OEM but Where's Thomas?

  • Tennessee boys
    Tennessee boys  5 months ago +12

    gets paper towel to pump gas buts digs through a trunk with bare hands