Crispy Ramen Salad - You Suck at Cooking (episode 21)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 13, 2015
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    I don't usually throw around the word 'excitement', but that's exactly how I feel whenever my mom makes this salad. I feel totally excitement.

    On a cookie sheet: spread out
    1/2 cup slided almonds
    1/4 cup unsalted sunflower seeds. Broil until golden

    In a big bowl combine:
    3-4 cups shredded nappa cabbage (fiddle around with the amount)
    1 cup bean sprouts
    1/4 cup sliced mushrooms (throw directly into the trash)
    3 green onions chopped

    1/2 cup vegetable oil
    2 tsp soy sauce
    3 tsp white or apple cider vinegar
    1 tsp sugar
    2 tsp sesame oil (or a whole litre no not really)
    Flavour packet from the ramen noodles
    Mix and let it sit for some minutes

    Just before you're ready to serve, smash the noodles with your fist and combine together with the greens and nuts, then pour the dressing in and mix it like a maniac then shove it in your guests faces.


  • Rj Peterson
    Rj Peterson  3 days ago

    "Devin!.... you left your shoes and pants out here..."
    Proof that there's always time for edgy subversive humor.

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed  6 days ago

    he sounds so bored and not hungry in this

  • the czech sonic. aka the fastest

    You are just a western spy. And I'm from Czechia so your kidiot.

  • Raging Dragon
    Raging Dragon  7 days ago

    2 million sub?

  • Chris Bousaada
    Chris Bousaada  14 days ago +1

    1:38 you could see he cut his thumb that means he didn't use the technique.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

  • Scott Sauers
    Scott Sauers  14 days ago

    This is just so wonderful.

  • Thanh Phan
    Thanh Phan  14 days ago

    The reality of traps be like

  • TheSamiBami
    TheSamiBami  14 days ago

    I laughed so hard I saw stars

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle  14 days ago

    Did u just diss mush?

  • Clouded Dreams
    Clouded Dreams  14 days ago

    This salad is actually fucking delicious and I make it all the time, tbh the YSAC recipes that I've tried have always turned out great, the melodic lentils and toasted tomato sandwich are also fantastic

  • Emi Abbott
    Emi Abbott  21 days ago

    Is no one gonna mention the decapitated legs and feet Devon left behind?

  • Kylee pandas009
    Kylee pandas009  21 days ago

    Almost 2m subs :D

  • Every Other Person

    FINALLY . Someone who recognizes how much of a sin mushrooms are

  • marquis worley
    marquis worley  21 days ago

    Yooo i love this guy😂

  • OhMyGodImPanicking

    One Grip
    One Meal

  • phantom of the void

    i love this guy

  • StormTrooper3455
    StormTrooper3455  21 days ago

    1:33 that's what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • maria ezzi
    maria ezzi  21 days ago +1

    My mum would kick me out of the house if i make such a mess every time i make something 😂😂

  • iKoN
    iKoN  21 days ago +1

    He should change the name to "I suck at singing"

  • Nur Fee
    Nur Fee  21 days ago

    I am so Thankful,

    That you aren't my roommate

    My son

    My future husband

    Don't want to clean up this mess