We Made Instagram Push-Up Corset Bras (feat. Wengie)

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 15, 2017
  • I've been eye-ing the magic corset push-up bras on instagram, facebook, and twitter for a while now but have been too nervous to try them out - so I had my friend and amazing youtuber Wengie help me out in making a DIY version of the viral instagram product, to see if we could get the same push-up effect from a DIY bra! What do you guys think? Have you tried this magic bra?

    Make sure to check out Wengie's collab video here, where we did a WHATS IN THE BOX Challenge!!: https://cnclips.net/video/prMnjAPqlyA/video.html
    And subscribe to her channel here!!: https://cnclips.net/user/WWWengie

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    Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley

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  • Safiya Nygaard  (Jul 15, 2017))

    HELLO BBs!! Here is an experiment 😅 DIY lingerie, eh? What do you guys think? Stay tuned for some cool internet videos and ONE LAST VIDCON COLLAB coming next week!! Xo, Saf

  • Ariana Herrera  (Mar 31, 2019))

    Safiya Nygaard is amazing

  • 8:25 bra-ght in

  • Jewell Boettcher  (Jul 21, 2017))

    Saphia: *Wears black*Wengie: *Dies hair pink and purple while kissing a rainbow unicorn sparklezzz*

  • Woofie Does Art  (5 days ago))

    +Kawaii Patatawhy? Everyone can watch whatever they want!? It's not like she is not advertiser friendly

  • Gianna Viggiano  (5 days ago))

    You spelled safiyas name wrong

  • Geek Girl  (Feb 17, 2019))

    The only time you will ever see a vampire and a unicorn collaborating. 😂😍🦄🧛🦇

  • Kristin Nisonger  (Apr 10, 2019))

    Hell ya

  • Shweta Varshney  (Mar 30, 2019))

    *bat and a unicorn lol:p

  • Tiffany Woolworth  (Nov 21, 2018))

    Saf, Saf, Saf. If you need a DIY queen,*Call Shane Dawson.*

  • MC Rainbow Cookie  (Apr 3, 2019))


  • maxie  (Mar 25, 2019))

    i thought there was gonna be corinne below the read more. disappointed

  • Jessi Davidson  (Dec 6, 2018))

    I love how wengie is all rainbow and colorful and Saf is just black!😂

  • Nevaeh  (Sep 30, 2018))

    I wish she tried the actual one she bought

  • That_Wolf  (Feb 17, 2019))


  • Emma Pdb  (Feb 5, 2019))

    Same! Why did she buy it if not to try it? They could've compared the DIY one and the "real" one!

  • Abbigal Smith  (Jul 15, 2017))

    they should've compared the DIY and the real one

  • Eleanor W  (Jul 29, 2017))

    Laura Felton I just rewatched that one and couldn't see that in the list of 5 things that she bought

  • KC  (May 9, 2018))

    When Wengie said “holographic stars”, I waited til they did a close up and inspected them very carefully. My holosexual friends will understand 😂😂

  • Damilola Ashama  (Apr 10, 2019))


  • Damilola Ashama  (Apr 10, 2019))

    +Leila F I am literally DYING of laughter

  • I looked like wengie felt really awkward while filming this video

  • rough_sketch  (Sep 14, 2018))

    Wengie seems really awkward 😆

  • Lola Baria  (5 days ago))

    Itsjustsam just like you lol u dont know them yet you said they dont take care of themselves 😂 like dont play the "you dont know me" card after that

  • saraa  (Apr 6, 2019))