Epic Added *ME* To Fortnite! (Easter Egg)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • Epic added a new Easter Egg in todays update! And its about last weeks video!

    Second Channel! https://cnclips.net/user/MuselkGames
    Muselk Merch: https://shopclickcreators.com/collections/muselk
    Twitter (best place to message me): https://twitter.com/mrmuselk
    Twitch Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/muselk/

    Song: [Progressive House] - Puppet - Soft Spoken [Monstercat EP Release]


  • Muselk
    Muselk  a years ago +10138

    This is honestly so cool for me haha!

  • Diego Ximello
    Diego Ximello  8 hours ago

    It's for capedo del dummy

  • Frankie Lucas
    Frankie Lucas  8 hours ago

    Of across he didn't have a gun did he not see 2:24

  • Frankie Lucas
    Frankie Lucas  8 hours ago

    they only did that because they know he is dead😆😆

  • HTPWolfy
    HTPWolfy  10 hours ago


  • OhYeahYeah
    OhYeahYeah  21 hours ago

    It’s still there..

    JIG SAW  yesterday


  • GamerGuruGreatness

    Megalovania intensifies

  • RevoltPoem
    RevoltPoem  2 days ago

    This is for Chappadoodle

    One can save millions but millions can’t save one

  • Fnafword gamer
    Fnafword gamer  3 days ago

    You are playing sans song

  • King Rai
    King Rai  4 days ago

    This period of time was known as the golden ages, without combats, mechs and shitty ass landing areas

  • Demon Boi
    Demon Boi  5 days ago

    7:12 is just crap

  • Nicole Gora
    Nicole Gora  7 days ago


  • lil Smoky
    lil Smoky  7 days ago

    Muselk:epic are my favorite developers

    Also muselk:season x I hate you guys remove the mechs

  • Hammonton AG
    Hammonton AG  7 days ago

    6:40 awwwwwwww before mechs and salty streamer btw and sweats

  • Matthew Jackson
    Matthew Jackson  7 days ago

    Sans music at start of vid

  • Katrina Wigfull
    Katrina Wigfull  7 days ago

    Muselk the easter egg isent about u its abot chappa doodle dumb ass its not for u

  • Hd Jsr
    Hd Jsr  14 days ago

    Epic is so cool know he loses his mind cause of it lol

  • Talking Nonsense
    Talking Nonsense  14 days ago

    He didn’t add it bc of you it’s for chapadoodle bc he died there and there’s a tire because anyone in that situation can bounce off

  • Robert Valdez
    Robert Valdez  14 days ago

    EMkay? IS THAT YOU!?