Rebuilding 2017 GMC Yukon DENALI from Copart prt 3

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • I'm Rebuilding 2017 GMC Yukon Denali that I bought on Copart. In this episode I will get it on a frame rack to do some puls, will deliver and drop it at dent repair shop. After I pick it up from dent repair I will weld a brake in and uplay protective layer of under coat on open sports of metal. Enjoy.

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  • Donovan Correia
    Donovan Correia  1 months ago

    What is your full-time job?

  • 859lovejones
    859lovejones  3 months ago

    How much you buy it for?

  • Showdown
    Showdown  6 months ago +1


  • bmu7979
    bmu7979  6 months ago

    Do you resell these? How much would you sell the Denali?

  • Wilderness Solutions

    Do you have to have some sort of license to buy from Copart? I have always wanted to do this. Thank you for these videos. I love your dogs.

  • азамат аманкулов

    Привет, слушай мне нужна помощь, раньше на Chevy suburbanah и GMC Yukon до 2016 года, у всех были проблемы с кондиционером, и эта проблема решалась легко, заменой ac condensera , а сейчас есть у меня Chevy suburban 2017 года, полетел кондиционер , думал как на 2016, купил и поменял , а нет, не получается , дилер намутил что то, теперь на моделях с 2017 года только у дилера ремонт , и стоит 1600$, а я тратил 500$ на это дело, у тебя есть ли проблемы на yukone с кондиционером? Даже ac charge нельзя сделать самому, только у дилера , если есть решение , помоги с этим вопросом.

  • V40TC ************
    V40TC ************  6 months ago

    Nice work
    great camera work
    great content

  • dan randall
    dan randall  6 months ago

    Can you help me delete automatic door locks on Suburban? Also, is vvt doing me any good?

  • Texas Rebel
    Texas Rebel  6 months ago

    It's looking great so far.

  • nikoboy53
    nikoboy53  6 months ago

    hay i thank you and i have met at some point nice to see you

  • nikoboy53
    nikoboy53  6 months ago

    rent a forklift to get it off

  • Omar Castillo
    Omar Castillo  6 months ago +1

    I LOVE YO CHANNEL ! Inspires me to try it too!.

  • Slawko Wegrzyn
    Slawko Wegrzyn  6 months ago

    Well I'm late again, but I enjoy your work young man. I hope you can get help. I know that making the videos is time consuming, but you are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing your rebuilding experience.

  • Tony Busch
    Tony Busch  6 months ago

    your an absolute professional my friend, love this channel

  • Chris Ready
    Chris Ready  6 months ago +1

    You are fun to watch and your wife does well with the camera. Puppy's are a bonus. A more expensive sports car rebuild in the future will boost your channel and get you the attention/subs you deserve.

  • E.S S.B.
    E.S S.B.  6 months ago

    This YouTube channel is fucking Epic hard work always pays off 👍

  • Jason Facchini
    Jason Facchini  6 months ago

    awesome stuff man you do great work i like you honesty thanks for sharing

  • John Baker
    John Baker  6 months ago +1

    Excellent job! You make it look easy!

  • Leo sheremet
    Leo sheremet  6 months ago

    Nice dent repair job.

  • NorthTexasFarming
    NorthTexasFarming  6 months ago

    Copart is a scam. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. do not sign up to be premier member, you will waste your money. Astronomical fees! they can change a “pure sale” to reserve at the last minute if they wish. It’s all backroom fakery. Beware of these bullshit companies like Copart that side with insurance companies and dealers. They are here to make money on your ignorance.