This jet fighter is a disaster, but Congress keeps buying it

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 26, 2017
  • Trump says the F-35 is too expensive and he's not wrong. But this is what he's up against.








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    Lockheed Martin F-35 is the Pentagon's newest fighter jet. In a single tweet, Trump called to cancel the program. But the F-35 can't be cancelled because its deeply embedded in American politics, military and economy. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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  • Midnight Respawn
    Midnight Respawn  3 hours ago

    “What about the jobs and market supply?”
    The military has almost endless programs to dump man power and money into research and development. Plus there’s black markets you never hear about holding things up. because of unlicensed oil trade and heroin/opioid farming among other things * cough * gun trade*cough*

  • Neptune
    Neptune  yesterday +1

    It can not catch UFOs though 🛸

  • Camulus777
    Camulus777  yesterday

    A disaster? Expensive yes but not a disaster in the least. It is designed to be modular and advance with newer technologies over the next sixty years. In the long run it will probebly cost a lot less than just simply redesigning new craft that can fill the same rolls over that time period especially when our technology gets more and more advanced every year. Vox you funny little anti American anti Human Gia worshiping scapmms. Stop being such downers and go do actual journalism.

  • AppleCoreCafe
    AppleCoreCafe  yesterday

    The Military Industrial Complex?

  • Igor Bednarski
    Igor Bednarski  yesterday

    No jobs are being created with this program - they are being transferred. F-35 development is funded with tax money - which means the taxpayers spend less money, which decreases employment in businesses that would get their money. It's economics 101.

  • Hari
    Hari  2 days ago +2

    10/2019 Hope VOX understand now its not that disastrous. if reports are to be believed it can fly undetected over the best air defense S400

  • LoveAddict69
    LoveAddict69  3 days ago +6

    F35 is worth every penny.

  • Christian Randall
    Christian Randall  3 days ago +3

    It's almost like the cash is going to other more classified projects

  • Retrobom57
    Retrobom57  3 days ago

    The F35 is far advanced but its still detectable on radar.

  • Planes & Planes 飞机

    I'm not American but I have liked Trump from day one. He's honest. May be too honest but I don't mind that. He deals with things like a business man.

    That's good.

  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer  4 days ago

    It's over 2 years since this video was made and F35 has proved itself to be an astonishing success. There's nothing else like it. It has already proven itself invisible to Russian S300 and S400 radar. The plane has been upgraded and problems falling by the wayside one after another. Foreign customers like Japan are doubling their orders. The plane sees air combat in an entirely new way. Pilots who fly it love it. They say it practically flies itself. It has the greatest situational awareness of any plane. It's constantly getting new and upgraded weapons. It has already seen combat in the Mideast. It's a winner.

  • Joshua Harvey
    Joshua Harvey  4 days ago

    Here's one good thing Trump has done

  • Amit Krishnani
    Amit Krishnani  4 days ago

    Please revive f 22 program

    Please please

  • Cesar Olvera
    Cesar Olvera  4 days ago

    There is no way any F35 variant is better than SU 57......the only plane can shut down a SU 57 is a F22 raptor.

  • racing to the limits
    racing to the limits  5 days ago +2

    still not even close to how much the F 22 raptor costed.

  • lolagyable
    lolagyable  5 days ago +1

    wow...when media only show one side of a story and then acts shocked when people stop trusting them.
    Vox didnt mention how much this fighter is going to make america in international sales.
    didnt mention, while more advanced, why a military needs to constantly improve
    didnt mention, even though isis didnt have fighters, it did have surface-to-air missile which were a threat to f-18s and most older air frames.

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000  5 days ago

    I wrote an answer here citing all the amazing videos on you tube one can watch and confirm this is the best jet plane ever that can down multiple targets from miles away and that it has been proven to work many time over however the Vox video still remains and they do not offer a rebuffal nor do they pull their lies from you tube after being exposed as liars leaves me with nothing but to write out here that this piece is a notorious lie.

  • bluefisshh
    bluefisshh  5 days ago

    they tried to create a multirole fighter, instead they created a fiasco

  • me me
    me me  5 days ago +1

    Because the Congress itself is a disaster.

  • Ebros
    Ebros  5 days ago +20

    Ironically this jet is proving itself virtually unstoppable by the Israelis.