Stephen Jackson on Dwight Howard's future and Lonzo playing with LeBron | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 4, 2018
  • Stephen Jackson joins Jason Whitlock and Dahntay Jones to talk about Dwight Howard's future in the NBA and how Lonzo will react to playing with LeBron James.

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    Speak for Yourself is a one-hour sports debate show starring Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre on FS1. Every day, Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock will debate the day’s hottest topics in sports and offer their unfiltered takes and some outrageous opinions from Jason McIntyre.

    Stephen Jackson on Dwight Howard's future and Lonzo playing with LeBron | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

    Speak For Yourself


  • Tracy Davis
    Tracy Davis  4 months ago

    Only tuned in to see my man Stephen Jackson.

  • James Evans
    James Evans  4 months ago

    Shaq played too much too

  • matthew king
    matthew king  4 months ago

    I always find it funny when people that dont play sports give a pro athlete advice

  • Kyle Ford
    Kyle Ford  4 months ago

    Now he’s a laker 😂

  • Mikeman Jordan
    Mikeman Jordan  4 months ago

    Fatlock you forgot shaq was and still is the big clown guy

  • Dannon Green
    Dannon Green  4 months ago

    Where is his hair..

    SUPER KAT  4 months ago

    Gotta ask Whitlock "When is HATE ever justified?" People grow and gain wisdom if they are willing to do so. Dwight wants another chance. Why not? Your Past doesn't necessarily determine your future. I'm sure Whitlock has had some 2nd chances with the toxic reporting he does.

  • BJ Mcdonald
    BJ Mcdonald  4 months ago

    I don't remember his personality being a problem when he was destroying everybody in the league and bouncing Lebron's cavs on route to the finals. These guys are all talk and full of hot air. Efficient scoring, rebounding and shot blocking win games, not whether you have smile on your face or not.

  • User Metro
    User Metro  6 months ago

    I said from the door!!! In his heyday!! That kid ain't no better than Mr Terry Cummings!!!

  • Charles Baldwin
    Charles Baldwin  6 months ago

    I disagree w Lebron making his teammates better..Yes he made them champions but they were better individuals players before they teamed w Lebron..J.r smith was great in New york and denver w Carmelo..Kevin Love numbers were better when he was in Minnesota

  • Odin son H
    Odin son H  7 months ago

    Let’s keep it simple. Howard isn’t a skilled basketball playa.

  • Lt. Mav
    Lt. Mav  8 months ago

    Fat guy needs some food. He can’t even make a single shot.

  • Angeloalim Stowers
    Angeloalim Stowers  8 months ago

    hes a bum soft as what

  • Pip Puanaki
    Pip Puanaki  9 months ago +1

    Shitlock is a hater

  • Jesse Oglesby
    Jesse Oglesby  10 months ago +1

    Dwight Howard is an overgrown boy who isn't mature enough to lead a group of men

  • Sheron Olden
    Sheron Olden  11 months ago

    If one is ashamed of what they do, do not do it and threatening through a third party is foal.

  • ed harvey
    ed harvey  a years ago

    love Stephen Jackson!

  • Tanaka Selman
    Tanaka Selman  a years ago

    I can’t believe my ears to see how much WHITECOCK has changed the way he used to SAVAGELY go at all the athletes he would criticize on a daily basis...oh but he changed now that all his co-hosts are he proves the fact that skin folk ain’t kin folk fo sho!!!!!!

  • GrooveFella
    GrooveFella  a years ago

    This Whitlock dude is ridiculous...I bet he hates his own mother...He just hates everything,and he always give the most stupidest reason..

  • Myki
    Myki  a years ago

    Give this show to Jim Jackson and Stephen Jackson and bring in two ex players or have two rotating players. Idiots.