Stephen Jackson on Dwight Howard's future and Lonzo playing with LeBron | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 4, 2018
  • Stephen Jackson joins Jason Whitlock and Dahntay Jones to talk about Dwight Howard's future in the NBA and how Lonzo will react to playing with LeBron James. #SFY #ColinCowherd #WhitlockSUBSCRIBE to get all the latest content from Speak For Yourself: ►Watch the latest content from Speak For Yourself:▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel:►UNDISPUTED’s YouTube channel: ▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: See more from Speak For Yourself: Speak For Yourself on Facebook: Speak For Yourself on Twitter: Follow Speak For Yourself on Instagram: About Speak For Yourself:Speak for Yourself is a one-hour sports debate show starring Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre on FS1. Every day, Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock will debate the day’s hottest topics in sports and offer their unfiltered takes and some outrageous opinions from Jason McIntyre.Stephen Jackson on Dwight Howard's future and Lonzo playing with LeBron | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF For Yourself


  • kaiden8701
    kaiden8701  a years ago +263

    that fat guy is super negative person i can feel his negative energy through the screen.

  • bretcarr2001
    bretcarr2001  a years ago +565

    Stephen Jackson needs his own show

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson  a years ago +191

    Dwight Howard literally played 3 months after having back surgery when he should've sat out for over a year. He also played with a torn labrum in his shoulder and only missed 6 games and was second in the league in rebounds that year. That was when he played for the Lakers. Why does he ALWAYS get hated on? Smh

  • AVI
    AVI  a years ago +398

    Dwight just had a monster season , they talkin about him like hes a scrub smh

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods  a years ago +25

    Egg head and fatlock make this show unwatchable

    ORIGINALTHINKA  a years ago +48

    Jason Whitlock talking all that sh#t, he aint never played and probably could not beat the "water pistol" Skip Bayless one on one. lol

  • ronny lopez
    ronny lopez  a years ago +228

    This dude talked about shaq... shaq had an offensive game!!! He had hooks and post moves. Yea he was powerful, but he had game. Don't compare him to dwight, ever

  • Manu Gulati
    Manu Gulati  a years ago +21

    Dahntay Jones is in love with Lebron 😂😂😂😂

  • Sir Smiles
    Sir Smiles  a years ago +15

    7:53 Lebron makes everyone better, yea thats why the whole season everyone called his teammates trash and Kyrie left him. The way the media pushes this Almighty Lebron narrative is pure insanity.

  • Jon
    Jon  a years ago +62

    Dwight basically played like clint capela this year, and averaged comparable/slightly better stats. The narrative is too strong against him, no matter what he does though. He's a good player that will probably never not average a double-double. He's gotten worse on perimeter d, but he's still a strong presence inside and can actually hit the random midrange here and there. Some of these experts are no more knowledgeable than the average fan ...

  • Ron G
    Ron G  a years ago +41

    So Dwight cant be a big guy that clowns around but we just ignore how Shaq made it work?

  • J Jac
    J Jac  a years ago +17

    These analyst are idiots. This dude had a major back injury don't forget about that. Analyst these days only speak highly on one player and you know who that is.

  • Matteo Wise
    Matteo Wise  a years ago +15

    He fueds with Kobe? You mean has back surgery and rushed back to play early

  • E. Renard Jackson
    E. Renard Jackson  a years ago +18

    Dwight gets a bad rap and the media just loves to pile it on.

  • Steven Weech
    Steven Weech  a years ago +20

    I find it so funny nobody even mentioned his back injury for a 5 that was his downfall.
    Dwight was a physical talent. Nothing more. When his back went out that was the end of his talents. No need to speak I'll of him like he's some soft guy or dumb one

  • Timo Cruz
    Timo Cruz  a years ago +29

    WhitLock's whale suit making a comeback lol

  • Urban Legend
    Urban Legend  a years ago +9

    Lebron makes his team-mates better is the biggest lie ever told

  • bigkam87
    bigkam87  a years ago +20

    Lmao I love how the narrative changes. At the time when he was rebounding like crazy and winning DPOY awards everybody kept saying he should be scoring more. Now its he should of focused on defense smh.

  • Anthony Broaddus
    Anthony Broaddus  a years ago +3

    Lebron James does NOT make players around him better Dante.
    Why is FS1 putting these NBA benchwarmer scrubs on television?

  • Nahin Khan
    Nahin Khan  a years ago +25

    09 Orlando Dwight used to be team's worst enemy.