Rebuilding A Burnt 2016 Dodge Hellcat from Copart Part 20

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 24, 2019
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    Hey everyone! today's episode we start straightening out the frame on phoenix and test fit our panels! we are one step closer to finishing this project! stay tuned because this project is only the beginning for this channel!!! Thanks for all the support!

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  • D.I.Y GANG
    D.I.Y GANG  7 months ago +179

    Hey everyone if you think the wife should leave her job and join the diy GANG FAMILY full time to run camera! leave a comment below telling her to help me!😁🙌

  • Burn Funny
    Burn Funny  7 days ago

    Great joob man fan from morocco :)

  • Karl Robinson
    Karl Robinson  2 months ago

    Black side the door gaps are way too tight...nothing like the otherside

  • Karl Robinson
    Karl Robinson  2 months ago

    See if you can talk without using your hands

  • Karl Robinson
    Karl Robinson  2 months ago

    lets just put the floor firewall and inner wings onto the hulk....i like the show but cannot get my head round how little you got off the burnt out hell cat

  • John 3:16
    John 3:16  4 months ago

    Help your Husband on YouTube! God Bless!

  • TIMMEH19991
    TIMMEH19991  4 months ago

    I'm wondering why you put that inner panel back on when it was rusty as hell?

  • Hawk Moe
    Hawk Moe  4 months ago

    Look at that old Rusty Burnt right front fender under there!

  • asiaball
    asiaball  4 months ago


  • leans silver
    leans silver  5 months ago

    You look like Toby Love lol

  • Bradley Ruffner
    Bradley Ruffner  5 months ago +2

    you know the emblems that have SRT then the hellcat head it should say DYI GANG instead would look great

  • Bradley Ruffner
    Bradley Ruffner  5 months ago

    forgot the word help between can and cause lol

  • Bradley Ruffner
    Bradley Ruffner  5 months ago

    Let your wife keep her job and maybe help when she can cause i know from experience the loving couples cant work with each other you need the time away from each other lol

  • Jeff Digital
    Jeff Digital  5 months ago

    seam welding is always a good idea. smart thinking.

  • Quinn Moore
    Quinn Moore  5 months ago

    Dang man those gaps are so off hah did this dude tram the car putting it together or is he reaming out holes n shit out lol

  • dan brown
    dan brown  5 months ago

    D I Y

  • William Talton
    William Talton  5 months ago

    Jose, I just starting watching/following you and D.I.Y. Gang! You rock! I'm inspired by watching you overcome the challenges you face and your POSITIVE freaking outlook! Keep on Keepin' On! We'll keep waching! Good luck with the build! Peace love and car grease!

  • J WALKIN23
    J WALKIN23  5 months ago

    Run game ahem I mean run camera seriously run that footage wifey!!!

  • switchjv
    switchjv  6 months ago

    magic coming off my boys fingers at 7:22 LOL.

  • Milton Rodriguez
    Milton Rodriguez  7 months ago

    Vin swap?🤔