Rebuilding A Burnt 2016 Dodge Hellcat from Copart Part 20

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 24, 2019
  • check out my videos! everyone! today's episode we start straightening out the frame on phoenix and test fit our panels! we are one step closer to finishing this project! stay tuned because this project is only the beginning for this channel!!! Thanks for all the support!Email Me here: ------If you want to share or help out the Channel!:Po Box 551 Vernon Ct 06066-----------------------------------------------If you wanna help out by Becoming a Patron Media:-Instagram- Gang Official Discord-'NT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT Y'ALL. GOD BLESS!phils custom rot rod-


  • D.I.Y GANG  4 months ago

    Hey everyone if you think the wife should leave her job and join the diy GANG FAMILY full time to run camera! leave a comment below telling her to help me!😁🙌

  • William Keating  2 days ago

    No, if she has health Ins, bad idea , life change to fast, what if you get hurt. Than what

  • Nate Rager  3 months ago

    81k subs? Nah. Keep the secure job for now.

  • Daniel Corica  4 months ago

    If you build it... We will watch

  • D.I.Y GANG  4 months ago


  • Lost Prophet  4 months ago

    i can't believe he doesn't have a lot more subs

  • The weeknd is rebuilding cars now. I just can’t get enough uploads ☹️

  • christian espinoza  4 months ago

    😂😂😂😭I said the same shit

  • Steven Aaron  4 months ago

    Naw gap on passenger not same as driver😂😂😂 just picking good video. Continue to be bless and work hard

  • Hannu Hanhi  24 days ago

    Well, being an american car that's within tolerances :)

  • justinloughrie15  3 months ago

    I noticed it is a little tighter on the passenger than the driver, but that’s an easy adjustment ! Great job and God bless ! ✊🏼

  • RODZILLA  4 months ago

    Keep your day job Wifey. Never keep all your eggs in one basket, unless they are made of gold! :-)

  • Nani Lnst  4 months ago

    Never clicked so fast on a nofication

  • über alles rennen  4 months ago

    do you take the balls to?

  • D.I.Y GANG  4 months ago


  • adriann charles  4 months ago

    Big up to you guys awesome work....keep going bro you are doing great things...

  • D.I.Y GANG  4 months ago

    Thanks bro!😁

  •  3 months ago

    that driver side gap is wayyy off compared to passenger side

  • Mr.G Dennis  4 months ago

    It's coming along nicely my Brother 🏁 ✌️✊ 🏴‍☠️

  • D.I.Y GANG  4 months ago

    😉😁🙌thanks bro

  • WhatIsKenDoing  3 months ago

    Uhh, the fender/door gaps at 11:00 are definitely not the same. Not ‘Bam, beautiful’.

  • Ali_M Gaming  3 months ago

    It's ok imo but I it's a little to wide but it's still good enough