BTS on the Red Carpet | 2019 GRAMMYs

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
  • BTS is on the red carpet at the 61st GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.Full winners list: the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs: Recording Academy is the world's leading society of musical professionals, and is dedicated to celebrating, honoring, and sustaining music's past, present and future. Connect with the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs: WEBSITE: http://www.grammy.comFACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Subscribe NOW to the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs on YouTube:


  • Saniyah Assif
    Saniyah Assif  6 months ago +786

    Hahaha love the one in black shoes 😁

  • Words & Whimsy
    Words & Whimsy  6 months ago +149

    I love how they managed not to be extra for a whole 15 seconds before Jimin cracked.

  • Pops Poppin'
    Pops Poppin'  6 months ago +410

    Grammy definitely knows what's up. Posting every BTS' movements in the award show lmao

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +549

    I cant stop starring, they look so good 😭

  • Crimson Rouge
    Crimson Rouge  6 months ago +87

    Leave it to J-hope and Jimin to be weird and funny 😂💜

  • A pair of Seoks
    A pair of Seoks  6 months ago +134

    0:15 what was that😂 oh Jimin💜💜💜

  • jess b
    jess b  6 months ago +99

    0:16 Jimin having fun 😂😂😍

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP  6 months ago +166

    There is way too much cuteness

  • kittymeow07
    kittymeow07  6 months ago +59

    Of course they're so playful even on Grammys 😂

  • cam
    cam  6 months ago +21

    tae is giving us face! he’s giving us attitude! he’s giving us smize!! we stan!!

  • Tea Spill
    Tea Spill  6 months ago +250

    Every other video 100 views. Bts? 2.2k

  • Krizzia Perilla
    Krizzia Perilla  6 months ago +13

    I don't know why but I laughed at how Taehyung stood and his cocky smile just made me laugh harder. Look at him looking dashing and proud!

  • Kashish Kunden
    Kashish Kunden  6 months ago +45

    Suga is soo habitual making finger hearts 0:16

  • Fernanda Oñate
    Fernanda Oñate  6 months ago +94

    Hermosos hermosos dandola toda A.R.M.Y.s reportense
    I love BTS 😂

  • Bangtan Twins
    Bangtan Twins  6 months ago +16

    0:16 jimin showing off his cuteness on the red carpet along with Jhope 💜💜

  • r. white
    r. white  6 months ago +16

    The third guy from the left again.....Jinnie!!

  • Ueno Aya
    Ueno Aya  6 months ago +12

    V is a model.

  • atijus btsloyalarmy
    atijus btsloyalarmy  6 months ago +26

    People : Everyboby looks good in black tuxedo 😕
    People : (stares) Ummm..😍

  • ᄌ삼색 고양이
    ᄌ삼색 고양이  6 months ago +38

    They're like supermodels. Taehyung carefully posing... Jimin and Jhope joking around. So cute

  • TricxieBTSK
    TricxieBTSK  6 months ago +81

    Aww they look so handsome! I'm so proud! 💜