How Bubble Tea Is Made (Boba Tea/Pearl Tea) - Xiaxue's Guide To Life: EP219

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 9, 2019
  • Xiaxue goes into the kitchen of a popular bubble tea chain to learn how to make their crowd-favourite pink cactus pearls from scratch.Xiaxue's Instagram the Clicknetwork app to watch videos up to 1 MONTH before they hit YouTube! http://clicknetwork.tvInstagram


  • Rui Ci Lee
    Rui Ci Lee  7 days ago +306

    4.23 "bu neng ah!!! chi de lehhh!!!" HAHAH

  • m2m1992
    m2m1992  7 days ago +564

    Ah Hou's expressions made my day :"D
    Keep making me laugh out hahaha

  • music-idealist
    music-idealist  21 days ago +488

    Love to observe Ah Hou's expression! It is so real! Especially when Xiaxue said her bubble tea is 2 days old. Hahahaha!

  • fun & coverup
    fun & coverup  7 days ago +298

    After a long long long long long long time. Hi xiaxue.

  • Pink Glitter Crayon
    Pink Glitter Crayon  yesterday +1

    The way he said colouring was awesome. ‘Ca rou ring’ miss hearing my ah Beng friends say that. 😂

  • Katherine
    Katherine  2 days ago +1

    I just realized I used to always watch this years ago and it was so cool it came back into my recommended !!

  • Xuan Z
    Xuan Z  7 days ago +52

    What about an escape room or haunted house thing with people from click network?

  • Grace Eu
    Grace Eu  7 days ago +56

    I suddenly want to drink bubble tea

  • grey perry
    grey perry  7 days ago +38

    "and then I legit forgot".. Same, Xiaxue, thats literally my mood 24/7

  • Elizabeth Dianne Stravinsky

    why is this unlisted!! i thought i missed an episode from xiaxue when my friend posted this on facebook :< but heng i watched WOOHOO

  • T Cat
    T Cat  7 days ago +25

    Your hair matches the pink pearls, good to know the behind-the-scenes of how to make pearls

  • Marianne Concepcion
    Marianne Concepcion  7 days ago +36

    Omggg!! I'm so happy that there's a new episode finally much love xiaxue

  • Katrina Wheatley
    Katrina Wheatley  7 days ago +5

    I bet sticking your hand in the pearls would be so satisfying. 👐😊

  • ihearyou
    ihearyou  21 days ago +34

    4:23 HAHAHAH so cute

  • Christina Lye
    Christina Lye  7 days ago +34

    I've always wondered like you know those paper houses, cars and accessories you see at the funeral, how were they made? Sorry I know it's 7th month but I'm just very curious.. and also are they looking for people to pass on their crafts too?

  • Mohuà Hossain
    Mohuà Hossain  4 days ago +8

    I only watch
    1)Xiaxue's guide to life
    2) Tried and tested
    3) Hack it

  • Shirly CL
    Shirly CL  7 days ago +1

    Imo playmade has got the best pearls in sg. Try oolong 50% sugar with chrysanthemum pearls!

  • Sachien Bhardwaj
    Sachien Bhardwaj  7 days ago +1

    Omggg same leh, i bought milk tea from tealive and it's still in my fridge, still got half. 2 days edi🤣🤣🤣

  • istancrackheads
    istancrackheads  yesterday


  • aly cx
    aly cx  7 days ago +18

    omg i’ve been waiting for clicknetwork to upload videos on xiaxue’s guide to life for s00000 lOngggggg :/