We Tried To Make Mochi With Giant Hammers • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 2, 2019
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  • Edits녀ᅳ녀ᅳ
    Edits녀ᅳ녀ᅳ  3 months ago +2492

    Can we take a moment to think about how Patrick was so kind, He offered to clean the Usu all by himself, He asked if he came at the wrong time with the mugs, He said he could do the job, He carried the shopping bag, He listened to the others, He tried his best at everything and more, Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Patrick. Thank you. uwu
    Edit= In the thumbnail, the women behind Andrew, her face was priceless

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez  5 months ago +1448

    I'm glad Rei's mom found those pictures of her making mochi, because that would have haunted me for the rest of my life. 😂

  • Basetsana Moalosi
    Basetsana Moalosi  2 months ago +421

    "Do YoU kNOw The NumBeR oF PeOPLE wHo DIe evERy yEaR?!"
    Lmao, what?

  • Viscero
    Viscero  5 months ago +1909

    rie silently judging them from afar is me

  • Ng Ronald
    Ng Ronald  2 months ago +237

    13:19 i thought Adam just throws the mochi into another dimension 🤣

  • Help Jesus get a million Subs without videos

    "Adams doing the pounding that I like "
    "I definitely am thinking about choking and dying right now!"
    "Yeah, i've been thinking about that all night"

  • phan2187 - holland
    phan2187 - holland  2 months ago +136

    13:22 “strike a pose”
    *literally trips 2 seconds later*
    “wHo PuT tHaT tHerE?!?!”

  • Livvy Kim
    Livvy Kim  4 months ago +512

    Is no one gonna talk about how cute Rie was when she was a baby I WAS LITER'ALLY UWU-ING SO HARD

  • Sera Kim
    Sera Kim  6 months ago +2891

    Do you know how many people die? LMAO that transition

  • Caitlin Gutierrez
    Caitlin Gutierrez  2 months ago +86

    At 13:22 I realized my whole life was a lie when they brought in the counter. I already knew it was a set, but it didn't register in my mind until then.

  • Elizabeth’s Vlogs
    Elizabeth’s Vlogs  5 months ago +233

    2:12 me when one of my siblings takes my charger

  • Mery Martinez
    Mery Martinez  4 months ago +219

    13:18 who else was hoping he would drop the mochi lol

  • Duc Minh Nguyen
    Duc Minh Nguyen  2 months ago +190

    8:51 "adam is doing the pounding that i like"- Andrew

  • cherri_ cate
    cherri_ cate  6 months ago +1894

    Everything’s better when Rie is there

  • Wheres Pluto?
    Wheres Pluto?  2 months ago +66

    2:11 nikki: "who are you and why do you have this?" Lmao it sounds like an agent movie.

  • Emma and Leone
    Emma and Leone  5 months ago +75

    When Rie said one it was adorable🤣

  • janie kim
    janie kim  1 months ago +32

    Niki: How's it looking rie?
    Rie: uhhhhhhh bad.

  • Dark Unicorn
    Dark Unicorn  2 months ago +55

    I am convinced Rie makes this whole show.

  • Victoria M
    Victoria M  6 months ago +1089


  • someone realized
    someone realized  1 months ago +28

    Nikki: “How does that look, Rie?”
    Rie: “Ehhhhhh.”
    Damn, I felt that