Shark Cam Gets Attacked By Jaws Of The Deep | Shark Cams Strikes Back | SHARK WEEK 2018

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 25, 2018
  • Every winter, white sharks travel to Guadeloupe to feed on seals. But, scientists had never seen an attack, only the aftermath...until now. #SharkWeek2018 #SharkWeekDiscoveryUK
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  • gnat felton
    gnat felton  16 hours ago

    When they said "then he dived" I thought for certain they said died, and I lost my mind lmao

  • Mark Stansfield
    Mark Stansfield  4 days ago

    Beautiful creatures

  • Rose Dooley
    Rose Dooley  7 days ago

    ,So horrible to tie something around the poor shark

  • Bella Munro
    Bella Munro  14 days ago

    What happened next?

  • DATbirdy
    DATbirdy  14 days ago +1

    Why cant they put a cam on a shark and throw it in the Bermuda tri

  • Marc Diamantidis
    Marc Diamantidis  a months ago

    Beeindruckend für mich als Taucher

  • Cody Vandal
    Cody Vandal  a months ago

    imagine how pissed that shark was to bite into that

  • tetsuo 2019
    tetsuo 2019  a months ago

    Amazing footage!

  • Kyle Tumelty
    Kyle Tumelty  a months ago

    Shark scientists are all f*ckin weirdos, jumping about like a retard cause you put a tag on a shark, so hyped up over a photo of a shark.

  • Ejaz Nagori
    Ejaz Nagori  a months ago

    U dont make a shark cam with such flashy color, it will appear like a lure and will attract sharks or other predatory creature to attack and the funny part was the second cam was also the same color 🤣..

  • Yilmaz Sahinkaya
    Yilmaz Sahinkaya  a months ago

    This is amazing. Great for science

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire  a months ago

    6:23 that's definitely not warp speed lol

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire  a months ago +6

    It's hard not to imagine that submersible being your leg isn't it.

  • Y2kSd4
    Y2kSd4  a months ago

    And Why you stop!?! Fkkking cocksuckers. Let see until the very end of the drop OUT!!!😠

  • YSN_Rick Family2017
    YSN_Rick Family2017  a months ago

    The girl thot that was the scariest thing see ever seen bitch needs to come down to the hood

  • ACEJayyy
    ACEJayyy  2 months ago

    How do they have better quality videos than security cameras 🙄😭😭😭😂😂

  • Rhea Bianca
    Rhea Bianca  2 months ago

    How do you know the difference between male and female

    R WARRIOR  2 months ago

    Big Sister?? Don't you mean Big Brother?? This guy must be a left wing idiot.

  • Super Hoop99
    Super Hoop99  2 months ago

    That was incredible

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller  2 months ago

    It’s bullshit that GoPro would have never made it that deep