Hugh Grant Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2018
  • From 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' to (you know you've seen it) 'Bridget Jones's Diary' to (you knew it was coming) 'Love Actually,' the British actor walks us through his storied career.

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    Hugh Grant Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ


    GARYPUSSY  yesterday

    Keep the fu*king camera in one place

  • Luxe Lady
    Luxe Lady  3 days ago

    Please do COLIN FIRTH! Please!

  • user36able
    user36able  3 days ago

    Casting him in Bridget Jones was probably at least partially because Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are mentioned in the original book Bridget Jones Diary. Book Bridget has a huge crush on Colin Firth (she’s obsessed with the wet shirt scene in Pride and Prejudice) and there’s also a bit where she’s being interviewed for a journalism role. She gets asked why wasn’t Hugh Grant arrested when he was recently caught soliciting prostitutes?  Panicking, she answers  um, because someone swallowed the evidence? She gets hired. In jokes aside, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are both brilliant in their respective roles.

  • summer
    summer  3 days ago

    I missed seeing him in a movie
    Why did he stop acting!!

  • Sofia Zavoli
    Sofia Zavoli  5 days ago +1

    “We are all gonna have to live in Peru” lol yes, please come here

  • Iam Irish
    Iam Irish  6 days ago

    Hugh is a lovely man. But GQ, how did you misspell funeral? 1:54 (Funerall)

  • H R
    H R  7 days ago +1

    He has the most British humour ever. Love it.

  • Palepuppet
    Palepuppet  7 days ago

    Four weddings and a funerall?! That’s a spelling mistake GQ

  • Yvonne Iwona D.
    Yvonne Iwona D.  7 days ago

    I love Hugh Grant's humor

  • Jørn Surlan
    Jørn Surlan  7 days ago

    I miss the one he did with Alan Rickman. He was brilliantly unpleasant in that. Can’t remember the title tho.

  • Rakib Hasan
    Rakib Hasan  7 days ago

    Did he just said the haircut was terrible??

  • Jordan Ricks
    Jordan Ricks  7 days ago

    he is definitely one of my favorite actors

  • hallejohn
    hallejohn  14 days ago

    Good grief GQ, could you have put a little more cuts into the interview please? o_O

    Feels to unsteady to listen to... gladfully you chilled in later post-production interviews...

  • Mike S
    Mike S  14 days ago +2

    1:56 - no one at GQ has spellcheck?

  • BadgersBuncoBooth
    BadgersBuncoBooth  14 days ago

    They never mentioned my favourite of his films Music and lyrics I always liked ones where he didn't take himself too seriously

  • SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms

    Here I was thinking he just played himself in every film. Legend 🤘

  • john smith
    john smith  14 days ago +1

    His best performance is pretending to be so posh n sophisticated when he was caught n attested soliciting a prostitute 😜😈

  • ]-[ike
    ]-[ike  14 days ago

    "They were kind like me"

  • Mike Justice
    Mike Justice  14 days ago

    Hahahaha. “Funerall.”

  • Spring Hernandez
    Spring Hernandez  14 days ago

    Love him as an actor!