61st GRAMMY Awards - Winners List



  • Platonic Rainy  (4 days ago))

    The Grammys are a joke. Out of touch and irrelevant.Just to clarify, I don’t mean the music is irrelevant. I meant the award/awards show. My favorite artists didn’t put out any music last year and I wouldn’t care about the Grammys even if they had. Drake’s speech was on point. I only commented because I was triggered by Cardi‘s win (I’m over it now). Come at me if you want. I’m good. I’m done ;)

  • Roby  (4 days ago))

    Why tf was Lele Pons there

  • Byron McKenzie  (4 days ago))

    Yh Im soo triggered by cardi's win AND the nominations too for the rap category. I can't speak for the other awards cause I don't listen to much of the other stuff but ik they fucked up in the rap category for sure - I've reflected now & her win was a big one for the rap community well done to her, however my point still stands about the nominations tho some of them are horrendous

  • D W  (4 days ago))

    Dua lipa isn't new. Wtf. She's been around forever. That deserved to go to them twins.

  • natalie blaize  (3 days ago))


  • D W  (4 days ago))

    +Lasha Fowler ohhh, thanks for the info. Makes much more sense now 😂😂

  • sanskruti patil  (4 days ago))

    Don't even Know half of them

  • Mary  (3 days ago))

    @Davi I’ve heard a few names because I go to iTunes and listened to the snippets of songs. I honestly give some a chance. But I’m not into rap or Mexican music or elevator music and folk music. It’s just not for me.

  • Silver Absinthe  (4 days ago))

    Well, you're not alone. Apparently many people agree with you too, all these artists are really unknown. I guess only specific people listen to their stuff

  • How SKZ  (4 days ago))

    Kacey is not irrellevant, Golden Hour is beautiful well done Album

  • Flary DK2  (3 days ago))

    You clearly haven't heard Dirty Computer.

  • What up Stay!!!!!??????

  • Daeshona Williams  (4 days ago))

    A joke, a grammy doesn’t mean anything anymore, most of these are garbage.

  • Azazil Warrior  (3 days ago))

    Grammy meaning is nothing more than trash.

  • Amen , a person who speaks the truth in 2019

  • H  (4 days ago))

    This video’s got me like:Who?Who?Who?Who?Who?Who?

  • Dave Kaurong  (2 days ago))

    You don't know Childish Gambino?

  • Who they are to old to be nominated

  • Helmster  (4 days ago))

    So many great rap albums this year and CARDI B WINS TF IS THIS

  • Ofentse Mwase Films  (1 day ago))

    Other than Astroworld, I don't know any song from the other 3 nominees. Maybe that's why she won.

  • Keo Music  (1 day ago))

    Shut up she deserved over 5 Grammys, she was still successful even when she was pregnant and she blew up this year, and the lyrics on her album were just amazing, I bet every other rap artist can’t even write about a trash bin!!!😒😒😒

  • berna  (4 days ago))

    what shook me the most is the fact kendrick started with 8 nominations and ened up with 1 win (for a group performance)

  • Justin Lee  (3 days ago))

    and it was a tie no less. 5 artists sharing 1 award. what a joke. it would have been funnier if it tied with sicko mode instead (then it would be 8 artists sharing 1 award lol).

  • berna  (4 days ago))

    makdaoda awajdaidw agree but still after checking out the nominations it seemed promising he will win at least once (for something done solo)

  • Julian Derrico  (4 days ago))

    Lady Gaga deserved one of the main categories where she was nominated, Shallow was just great.

  • Mary  (4 days ago))

    @Julian Derrico Shallow was just that, SHALLOW. LMAO

  • Crisis Cunt  (4 days ago))

    RIP Lina Morgana, Gaga's blood sacrifice.

  • Hiblos  (4 days ago))

    Are these the Grammys for irrelevant people?

  • Ichiro_Hiko  (3 days ago))

    The Shawn Murphy Journal computer music isn’t a walk in the park either, you still gotta compose.

  • Yep the computer music and distorted vocals age with artists who are actually a form of A.I