Paul George vs James Harden EPiC Duel 2019.02.09 - Harden With 42 Pts, PG With 45! | FreeDawkins

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 9, 2019
  • February 9, 2019 | Paul George vs James Harden EPiC Duel 2019.02.09 - Harden With 42 Pts, PG With 45! FreeDawkins - NBA Video'--Like And Subscribe For More!Follow me on Twitter - - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube.____


  • Ricardo Dalisay  5 months ago

    PG13 out there proving he is the MVP. After destroying Giannis, now Harden.

  • MoveAsOne FYT  1 months ago

    @Rambo The Fucking Machine so why your PG13 can't make the 2nd round at playoffs? Poor

  • Mosa Aghbaria  3 months ago

    and Harden Dropped 42 how he destroyed him?lmao

  • MVP WESTBROOK  5 months ago

    Paul George > Harden. Like if Paul George is MVP

  • Guardian IV  22 days ago

    MVP WESTBROOK u dumb af

  • Haji Gamer2101  5 months ago

    MVPG has outplayed every MVP candidate he's faced. Giannis, Harden, Embiid etc...He's the MVP no doubt

  • Digital Pickaxe  6 days ago

    @Mosa Aghbaria 42 AND lost

  • Adrian Max  3 months ago

    @Mosa Aghbaria killed him tho

  • MVP WESTBROOK  5 months ago

    Russ with 9 straight triple doubles and the game winner!

  • jhaz89  5 months ago

    No he had a quadruple double21 pts, 12 reb, 11 ast, 10 turnovers

  • Lebron James  5 months ago

    Quadruple double with his turnovers last night

  • Wali Muhammad  5 months ago

    George won by a lot he had more points more rebounds shot higher % harden was 38% from the field and 37% 3 he only kept his streak cuz he had 15 free throws George shot 54% from the field and 42% from 3 way better game

  • Ikhwan Nordin  5 months ago

    @Darth Patka So PG have more FT than Harden, he is shit? Harden has more FT, drawing foul is a skill?? Nice logic there.

  • CTR Time Trials  5 months ago

    redpilllifesaver Roberson is injured. Roberson is great at cutting to the basket.

  • JahMillz TV  5 months ago

    Pg is so underrated he deserves mvp

  • LeBeautiful  5 months ago

    PG13 vs Harden...last shot is the guy who takes the game winner with 5 seconds left, who ya got????

  • PG. He's more efficient

  • abrahm edp  4 months ago


  • MVP WESTBROOK  5 months ago

    PG scoring 40 all the time now. PG13 destroyed Harden

  • Real Nigga Hours  2 months ago

    be quiet Harden can’t hear PG from the couch

  • austin reese  4 months ago

    Westbrick= loser and bad at NBA

  • Kalu Abay  5 months ago

    Pg is the better player in my eyes. Only thing harden does better is draw fouls and pass. Outside of that pg is the more consistent shooter, more consistent defender,and has had a better playoff career. He's also more athletic and smooth with everything he does.

  • Tyji Brown  5 months ago

    Paul George is definitely at top 5 player right now 🙌🏽

  • Raven  8 days ago

    @Fire Fist Ace FOUR vowels you dumbfuck. Just stfu will ya? Opinions coming from you meant nothing lol

  • Fire Fist Ace  8 days ago

    Matthieu Griffiths your name is Matthieu... how you gon end a name with THREE vowels and then think you got the right to talk shit? And then have some dumbass opinion that PG13 who hasn’t done shit in his career but 1st round exits is a top 5 player? You’re drunk, high, mentally handicapped and most likely have an extra chromosome. PG13 ain’t even top 10 and you’ve got no facts to dispute that, just ur hurt feelings and ur opinion based on feelings and not facts/stats