Samsung Notebook 5: New Suit, More Power

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 24, 2018
  • The new Notebook 5 is suited up and supercharged. Dressed in chic metallic gray, it is now equipped with advanced graphics and enhanced performance power.

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  • Random Channel XD
    Random Channel XD  5 months ago

    I have it, it's actually very good and a joy to use! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • sifterbox
    sifterbox  8 months ago

    But why does it have a lite on ssd instead of a 970 evo?

  • soyoung jung
    soyoung jung  11 months ago

    mine has only an nvme/ 8g / and an 8th gen i5 with an mx150. end. full stop. no thunderbolt or any of the hardware to utilize it either. personally i think it is as heavy as f*** for that setup. id have thought you could cram a 1060 and a hdd and a half a dozen fans in it with the same weight. the MSI GS65 Stealth i just looked at has a 1070 in it with 16gb of ram a couple sdd drives bigger fans thunderbolt bigger speakers more this and more that and yet is lighter!? how is this possible?

  • session 47
    session 47  11 months ago +1

    Its like a macbook pro air

  • 류성진
    류성진  a years ago

    Watching this on the Notebook 5 XD

  • Unbolted TV
    Unbolted TV  a years ago

    Does this have oled display?

  • Hydra Demolition
    Hydra Demolition  a years ago

    when it will be available in india

  • Lesley Li
    Lesley Li  a years ago

    Notebook 5 or 9 always?

  • Nahum Pulmones
    Nahum Pulmones  a years ago

    Where shall I buy that?

  • Key international Enterprise

  • emmmmf
    emmmmf  a years ago

    What is the sound-track called?

  • JChan1026
    JChan1026  a years ago

    Numberpads shouldn’t exist on notebooks

  • Freddie Armando Romero Paredes

    Hola. Soy Freddie Armando Romero Paredes, La Mejor Idea de Twitter, blogger de 34 blogs temàticos, youtuber y ciudadano peruano con DNI 43532942. Tengo una Samsung laptop del año 2011. Quisiera comprar una nueva laptop Samsung como la Samsung Notebook 5 porque la laptop Samsung del año 2011 que tengo me ha durado y me ha funcionado muy bien. Lo malo es que Tiendas Saga Falabella y Ripley en Perù ya no venden laptops Samsung, sino otras marcas de la competencia. Es por eso que quisiera saber dònde puedo comprar una laptop Samsung en Perù y cuànto me costarìa. Estoy interesado porque confìo en la tecnologìa de Samsung.

  • weh sing
    weh sing  a years ago

    gotta have overheating issues when cpu and gpu gets too close

  • Dafi M Heryawan
    Dafi M Heryawan  a years ago

    Ugh that bezel:(

  • Ayoub Tomi
    Ayoub Tomi  a years ago

    Where I can buy it?

  • Shubham Jagnade
    Shubham Jagnade  a years ago

    Samsung workings hard to be like mac

  • Sorry will never Be sorry


  • Ha Bui
    Ha Bui  a years ago

    too thick bezel

  • jayson ege
    jayson ege  a years ago

    Why dont u have infinity screens on u laptops