Riding a Mule in the Grand Canyon!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 10, 2018
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  • Angela Duke
    Angela Duke  a years ago +24

    A photo or video never does the Grand Canyon justice to the mass size of it. It is probably the most breathtaking natural beauty I have ever seen. I'm sure it is something you will never forget. Thank you for sharing!

    STEVE WESKER  a years ago +72

    I almost thought it was ijustine that farted until I realised it was the mule. 🤣🙉

  • Raja Upadhyay
    Raja Upadhyay  a years ago +43

    Great video, do more similar , its more kind of intimate honest, Grand Canyon on me bucket list now....

  • Aleesha Julyan
    Aleesha Julyan  a years ago +11

    Am I the only one who feels cold while watching this video
    Just me I guess .......

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande  a years ago +5

    This video reminded me of Zelda breath of the wild 😂

  • Fuzzy Stripetail
    Fuzzy Stripetail  a years ago +41

    In addition to complaining about the cold, I wonder how many Apple products Maddie the Mule discussed with Justine before the farting mule decided to chime in.

  • ·.†.· Sţέρħαηε Sεłίкσz ·.†.·

    Next iJustine video: “I got dropped in the Canyon”

  • Monica Ravinera
    Monica Ravinera  a years ago +3

    The farting mule 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Heartss
    Heartss  a years ago +3

    Damn, u have an exciting life. Makes my life seem so boring.

  • •Mia •
    •Mia •  a years ago +3

    I'm happy you posted this video cause we're learning about it

  • Dinosawrz
    Dinosawrz  a years ago +2

    Yes, people still use Snapchat. In fact the large majority of minors still use Snapchat.

  • Through my Eyes
    Through my Eyes  a years ago +1

    This video made me laugh 😂 thank you @iJustine

  • lgbt Chuu
    lgbt Chuu  a years ago +3

    I know someone who’s dog walked into the Grand Canyon and died, it was SOOO sad😞

  • Ah 7
    Ah 7  10 months ago +1

    This reminded me of the flintstones episode with the Grand Canyon which is really small 😂

  • Nelson Quinney
    Nelson Quinney  a years ago +1

    Hello Great Justine How Are You Doing Okay Over Whoa There Omg

  • Alex Tighe
    Alex Tighe  a years ago +3

    Youtube is tripping out! It says I am not surprised even though I have been subscribed for 4-5 years! and i know for sure i didn't unsubscribe. i am now behind in your vids cause they didnt appear in my subscription box and i was like WOWEE JUSTINE HASNT BEEN UPLOADING but no its just youtube

  • acemannw
    acemannw  a years ago +15

    Love the Helly Hansen hat. You can't beat HH when it is cold.

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    Here in Wisconsin is super cold the lowest temperature was -0 🙄🙄 and -1 and I hate Wisconsin ewwwww that mule fart so loud lol I had my headphones so loud 😂😂😂😂

  • Miryam Çccf
    Miryam Çccf  a years ago +1

    You should consider getting a butterfly knife if you like knifes idk just an idea like if you agree

  • Bowl_ Oframen
    Bowl_ Oframen  a years ago +1

    Still didn’t introduce your friend that was hiding in the back