Riding a Mule in the Grand Canyon!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 10, 2018
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  • Aaron _27
    Aaron _27  5 months ago

    The fart 4:38

  • Raihan Rahman
    Raihan Rahman  7 months ago

    Not the first thing you rode

  • C Mar
    C Mar  7 months ago

    Hi Justine! So, question for ya.... Do you like Wendy’s? LOL 😂

  • Mea 19
    Mea 19  8 months ago

    4:48 Oml 😂 the mule started farting 😂

  • Ah 7
    Ah 7  11 months ago +1

    This reminded me of the flintstones episode with the Grand Canyon which is really small 😂

  • Kayla Olson
    Kayla Olson  a years ago

    lol the cold complaints on the bottom left😂

    TEXAZPITBULL  a years ago

    why is there a ramdom lady in the back of the car only lol

  • ktsculljr
    ktsculljr  a years ago


    Post this as a fellow pilot and know this is a serious issue. Thank you for the monument post. Innocent people lost and recognized. Great to see.

  • HarryThePug _Gaming

    I liked with my toe and typed this with my toes

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson  a years ago +1

    cool video justine

  • YamiAlex224
    YamiAlex224  a years ago

    Maddie thr mule was probably like a dog is named after me I'm way cuter than a dog mule farts for a minute

  • Michael Tibus
    Michael Tibus  a years ago

    So while you were at the Grand Canyon...I can't believe that you didn't scream out "BOBBY........CINDY"! "BOBBBBYYY............CINNNNDDY!!!!" Sigh...maybe next time!

  • Daniel Jonathan David

    we get an hour back???? "only the Government would believe that you could cut the top of a blanket and sew it to the bottom and get a longer blanket" daylight savings is something i will never understand

  • Muede.macht. Doof
    Muede.macht. Doof  a years ago

    What‘s the Song called in the background?? Starts around 11:15.
    So chill I love it.

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor  a years ago

    Wow I cannot believe it was so cold!! When I went and did a helicopter tour it was super hot (it was summer)

  • Keara McCarty
    Keara McCarty  a years ago

    i don't know jenna, don't ask me questions.

  • Nixon
    Nixon  a years ago

    Good Tube

  • Unicorn 14
    Unicorn 14  a years ago

    4:41 🤣

  • NekoWolf InHeat
    NekoWolf InHeat  a years ago

    I really love your vido's Ijustine 😊😄🐾🐾🐾🐾💕💕💕💕💕

  • cedra darakebli
    cedra darakebli  a years ago

    During the winter in canada its like -30 c° and in the canyon its like -7c° come on 😂😂😂