Return to the Valley of the Elves - LOTR Guided Meditation in Rivendell

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 19, 2017
  • This track, previously unreleased on YouTube, is taken from our Elven-inspired album THE ELVEN ODYSSEY, first released in early 2016. The complete CD collection is available for purchase here: back to this beautiful valley, hidden from the world outside and the darkness that reaches long fingers over the land. Here the Elves dwell in wisdom, peace and with the memories of more ancient times. Walk among them as an honoured guest and absorb the beauty, ancientness and tranquility of the Elves.........................................................THE ELVEN ODYSSEYYour journey began in the misty forests where you meet 'The Company of Elves'. It will continue all the way to the shores of the west with the Elven Odyssey album. You will experience the grandeur of the Elven King's forest halls, the golden peace of the hidden waterfall valley, eventually finding yourself on the shores of the western sea where you can join the Elves as they set sail on an epic and inspired journey.Album page: you enjoy our work and would like to support us, please purchase one of our high-quality fantasy or guided meditation albums here: many of our tracks are available here: CDBaby:, you can donate here: we very much appreciate any and all support.Please visit our excellent website for more ways to help us to help you: subscribe to our channel (It's Free). NEW VIDEOS every week! HONEST GUYSWe write and create high quality Guided Meditations videos that we strive to make freely viewable on YouTube. We have been creating these meditations since 2009. The meditations were begun with one purpose: simply to try and help people. Every meditation is produced with genuine care and love for those people who use them, because we too have needed the kind of help our meditations are trying to offer others.Our ethos is to be as all-inclusive and as neutral as possible. We have no religious or other affiliations and try to keep most of our meditations suitable for everyone. We always welcome comments, feedback & suggestions and actively engage with our subscribers via our Facebook page..................................................Social media - Interact with us here:Facebook: Our main THG community focused page. Interact on a daily basis. Official website of 'The Honest Guys' on Spotify - out some of the other videos on this YouTube channel (over 500+ and counting!)


  • Luna
    Luna  a years ago +9

    Valley of the Elves is my favorite from all times ! I have this beautiful work i bought to support you guys . And thank you for this wonderful year of meditation.

  • Julia Sanchez
    Julia Sanchez  a years ago +12

    Oh how wonderful I remember the one where I had dinner with elves in the forest and since then I've been craving for more and now you upload it Life is GOOD

  • A D
    A D  a years ago +1

    Yay! I have the album and love it, but would be even happier if the Shire collection became available as a download too. I absolutely adore all your Shire meditations, but the 'Night Before The Party' one is my favourite. The Shire is my happy place :)

  • OsakaRose
    OsakaRose  a years ago +11

    Such a beautiful and restful meditation! Loved the harp music at the end. I am a great LOTR fan and this was perfect for me tonight. I needed to calm and soothe my soul. Thank you. I think I will be buying this album from you! :)

  • Derry Shore
    Derry Shore  a years ago +5

    Oh so pleased about this. I will be listening to this when I get into bed tonight. I have been waiting for more stories. I just love them. Thank You both x

  • Sarah Pont
    Sarah Pont  a years ago +8

    Thank you!!! Been waiting for another LOTR version, will check out the album now!

  • Allegory of Wolves
    Allegory of Wolves  a years ago +5

    I love all of your wonderful, guided meditations! But being very fond of elves and LOTR, these are always my favorite! Thank you so much for making beautiful and helpful content like this! It is very much appreciated! ♥
    Have a blessed Yuletide!

  • lady liss
    lady liss  a years ago +1

    Omg I was so happy to see this today! Going to give it a listen for sure right after I type this. Thank you for your time and effort into these videos. Also merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • Harry Lagman
    Harry Lagman  a years ago +6

    Lost valley of this elves is one of my favourite meditation videos of all. Lovely to see this video.
    Ever thought of doing Arthurian-themed meditation videos? I guess Merlin is a pretty similar archetype to Gandalf, but there are some rich stories there...

  • Kiki Bleu
    Kiki Bleu  a years ago +4

    I love the LOTR meditations. Thank you so much!

  • gabby L
    gabby L  a years ago +5

    Yes!!! I couldn’t wait for another fantasy meditation, thank you so much!!! Amazing as always!

  • Maggie Hernandez
    Maggie Hernandez  a years ago +3

    TheHonestGuys.. thank You for these beautiful vids.  They are really relaxing. thanks again.

  • strawberryleefields
    strawberryleefields  a years ago +3

    YES!!! Another LOTR meditation. I'm absolutely in love with these! I hope you do more in the future. They are always so calming and always help with my anxiety and insomnia. Thank you so so much! ❤❤❤

  • Trudie Brown
    Trudie Brown  a years ago +3

    Due to current stresses I'm experiencing im finding it hard to sleep. This recording is fantastic. I never get to the end so I still don't know what happens. I drift off to sleep whilst on this walk and have peaceful dreams. Thank you the honest guys x

  • PianoKeys4
    PianoKeys4  a years ago +3

    These LOTR meditations remind me of the fantasy stories I loved reading as a child.

  • Alyssa Surgent
    Alyssa Surgent  7 months ago +1

    Yet another video I love. These help me relax and sleep at night, even calms my pets who get anxious. I would love for another meditation video preferably featuring the dwarves.

  • Michelle Tendy
    Michelle Tendy  a years ago +5

    I can't wait to listen to this! 💜

  • Emilyblu
    Emilyblu  a years ago +3

    I love this, thank you so much, ❤️❤️❤️

  • Stevie Tummers
    Stevie Tummers  a years ago +2

    I never seem to listen more than 10 minutes of iT 😂 i love this one soooo much

  • Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach

    Oh joy! A wonderful Christmas gift! I'll be sharing it in my newsletter and letting people know to check out all your LOTR meditations! Do you think you'll be making more of these in future? I've been listening to them on and off for years. They are amazing! Thanks Honest Guys!