DrDisrespect SLAMS DESK in RAGE at RPG SPAM in COD Modern Warfare!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 17, 2019
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  • The2Time
    The2Time  2 months ago +92

    🔥 Congrats to Doc on his streamer of the year award! 🔥
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    00:08 Locker room Vaseline intro
    00:55 Game 1 starts (includes desk slam)
    1:39 first 2 kills
    1:55 Killed by a stream sniper!
    3:03 RAGE at Oden's hipfire vs MP5's
    4:18 win + tongue action (ASMR) + "suck em to die"
    5:20 LOL
    6:49 action
    7:08 On the Oden hipfire again lol + adjusting the loadout!
    8:39 WTF did Doc die from here?! (confused af + "don't force this in MW")
    9:13 Battlefield 5 sounds kinda fun!
    10:53 Doc vs RPG spammer + rage & desk slam!
    11:35 He wants to fight
    13:29 Teammate doing some work!
    13:55 Can they see the laser?
    14:47 What is this guy doing there?!! + Defeat + "waste of time!"
    15:42 Raging at Hutch! + Rage Quit Game Starts
    15:58 LOL! + "THIS game turns me INSANE!!"
    17:17 How does he see Doc before Doc sees him?!
    17:54 frustration
    19:11 Rage quit + LOL!

  • Gotchanow22
    Gotchanow22  2 days ago

    Always use stim definitely helps to stay alive longer. And it wasn't an oden that killed you it was an m13. That being said the oden slays. Personal favorite mp5 setup is monolithic suppressor, slight of hand perk, The 30 round mags, stippled grip tape, and the merc foregrip. The perks I like to use are scavenger, restock, and shrapnel, with stim and c4 as my equipment

  • Bobby B
    Bobby B  14 days ago +1

    Got a serious White Goodman Vibe in the beginning. I dunno why.

  • Mahlon Davis
    Mahlon Davis  14 days ago

    8:45 there are random objects on the maps that explode. It's annoying and I found out the hard way lol

  • hutchd71
    hutchd71  14 days ago

    I I got to get me some of that organic Vaseline

  • m1st3r_m1sch13f
    m1st3r_m1sch13f  14 days ago

    Dude you're not even playing hardcore. That's half your problem. Also doc, I love ya man but the death cam showed he *clearly * wasn't freaking hip firing man... Also Odin =bigger caliber... So yea... And if you're gonna make "adjustments" on the fly maybe give yourself a stim instead of flash bang, give yourself extra (time) and stop being a gd crybaby!!! I will agree on one thing, I stopped watching you every day when this game came out bc I know the feeling you speak of this game changing your entire demeanor... It will make you go insane... And In turn everything else.

  • Bunny354upbeat Pro minecraft 2

    I hate the people

  • francky TheragingHaitien

    Lol I just started following this dud Nd he’s hilarious as shit😂😂. I want to know What is the champions club doh

  • Gino Ocegueda
    Gino Ocegueda  1 months ago +1

    Great editing 👍🏽
    I thought the Doc had class with the MP5, then I saw the gold one.....

  • Gino Ocegueda
    Gino Ocegueda  1 months ago +1

    I lost it at "fake gold Rolex"
    Dude is pure comedy.
    Firm handshakes

  • lucas boone
    lucas boone  1 months ago

    Can you imagine being forced to play this I would go absolutely bonkers

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    I think COD has implemented some sort of random but detection system in the last few games that have been released. I know that sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory. You would need a few companies to be in on the plan with no employee blowing the whistle. But it seems like treyarch games are the only ones where the random bullet fight bullshit doesn't happen regularly.

  • michael deadwyler
    michael deadwyler  1 months ago

    This is why I feel like smg's are under powered and can't even compete with AR's in CQC. I maxed all smg and they are still shot compared to a M4a1

  • Darrin Hillier
    Darrin Hillier  1 months ago

    Plays the most campy enraging game mode with an inconsistent SMG - Gets mad.

    Who would have guessed

  • Chris Batease
    Chris Batease  1 months ago


  • RicePanda
    RicePanda  1 months ago +18

    Imagine getting mad over dying to a dude aiming down sights and calling it "hip fire"

  • Phanta smic
    Phanta smic  1 months ago

    Gameplay lately playin cod like jesterz of the stoneage .

  • XXGavinXX x
    XXGavinXX x  1 months ago

    17:19. Because doc , even tho you cant see him ,half your body is already sticking out in the open.battlefield had it right 100% with this .I can't see you ,you can't see me but on here its I can't see you but you can see half my body popping out .this game has a lot of messed up crap in it

  • zaytek djemaa
    zaytek djemaa  1 months ago +5

    normal people : exit to lobby
    drdirespect : task manager

  • Jonah Barnes
    Jonah Barnes  1 months ago +1

    Why is he complaining about an Odens hip fire when 1. That guy clearly didn’t hip fire and 2. Doc just sucks and missed his shots at point blank