Honey Roasted Carrots - You Suck at Cooking (episode 75)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 26, 2018
  • Carrots. They're dangerously delicious.Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1HuynlYhttps://twitter.com/yousuckatcookinSnapchat: @yousuckatcookin http://instagram.com/yousuckatcookinghttp://facebook.com/yousuckatcookingTo make these carrots:Get some carrots. Get the other stuff. Drizzle some olive oil, honey, pepper pepper pepper, and salt on the carrots. Cross rassle and side rassle them until covered. Bake for 25 minutes on 4 hundo. Be careful.


  • Gaben Newell
    Gaben Newell  a years ago +1520

    Let’s take a moment to realize how great his editing skills are

  • Name Here
    Name Here  a years ago +1552

    stabs himself with a sharp veggie
    "OH YEAHHHH!!"

  • It’sVinnny TheFur
    It’sVinnny TheFur  a years ago +694

    Why Is NO ONE Talking About Him Stabbing himself With The Parsnip

  • Darxk Vision
    Darxk Vision  a years ago +660

    Your editing is amazing tbh

  • Livi and GG
    Livi and GG  11 months ago +300

    Someone in my class did a speech about how horrible carrots are

  • Crunchy but Jazzy
    Crunchy but Jazzy  a years ago +173

    I hope Judy decides to give you a second chance :-)

  • www.GPcarAudio.com
    www.GPcarAudio.com  a years ago +521

    My 5 chihuahua's love carrots and freaked out while I watched this. You said "carrots" a lot.

  • LV223
    LV223  5 months ago +89

    Dude... how many dogs do you have??? Or do you foster dogs perhaps??

  • Will Be
    Will Be  a years ago +179

    pupper pupper pupper

  • # Banaron #
    # Banaron #  a years ago +92

    Tried making this and its frickin good

  • vbwindows7
    vbwindows7  2 months ago +15

    My sister (she's 5) believes that your editing isn't actually editing, but in her exact words "he's like Harry Potter"

  • Lello D
    Lello D  1 months ago +22

    YSAC: Carrots are yummy
    Me: Inside your tummy
    What a troll.

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.  a years ago +2097

    My eyesight became 20/20 just from watching this video

  • heavenlyy mars
    heavenlyy mars  9 months ago +41

    0:39 did that make anybody else uncomfortable?

  • Mat Troutt
    Mat Troutt  1 months ago +24

    Love the vibes of the outro music
    Did not enjoy your intentional misrhyming when it came to "yummy" and "digestive system"

  • Vida Dulce
    Vida Dulce  a years ago +145

    You Suck at Cooking I used to be the suckiest person when it came to cooking but thanks to you I now make pretty good recipes! 😀 You have improved my confidence and what not, thank you again!!!!!

  • Wolkify
    Wolkify  a years ago +31

    this was insanely good editing! i hope this gets onto trending and kicks all those other cooking channel's butts!
    It did!!

  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking  a years ago +1877

    What's your favorite thing about carrots?

  • MrLemonadefreak
    MrLemonadefreak  6 months ago +18

    Best end song you've made. I want a full album of this stuff

  • Pedantic Pete
    Pedantic Pete  a years ago +17

    Trying it now. At 20 minutes they’re not charred in slightest or done. Maybe my oven temp or placement. Moved it up a rack and increased 10°f. Gonna take some messing around with to get right. Your editing is amazing btw. I sensed humor as well somewhere in there.