Like a dream ♡ lofi hip hop mix

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 15, 2019
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  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  6 months ago +455

    We reached almost 150 000 subscribers.
    Thank you for such a warm support.
    My huge family ♡
    00:00 LAKEY INSPIRED - Blue Boi
    01:42 falling beehind - airy
    03:55 Kiraiyzu's sad stories - The Day I Gave Her Everything
    06:07 Monoman - Meditation
    09:38 Intuitive - Context
    12:26 Key-One - July08
    14:14 Ageturner - Train To Inazawa
    17:21 soamairi - new day 悪リノ
    20:04 ******NICK - Those Dayz were gone, I'm still regretting
    21:41 StrangeMood - He's Okey
    23:03 tsu.kj - [ out of joint ]
    25:00 Nerok - Puzzled
    27:22 Muralee - peaceful walk through the town square on june 4th
    29:14 BIDØ - Lost In Childhood _w Joran

  • InYourChill
    InYourChill  6 months ago +1157

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  • Plague is for plebs
    Plague is for plebs  5 months ago +302

    It took me 30 seconds to realize the girl in the picture is holding a leaf and her mouth isn't just absolutely gigantic

  • Ivo Florist
    Ivo Florist  5 months ago +208

    lofi doesn't make me sleepy but it helps me concentrate, how?

  • Paja Lynhiavue
    Paja Lynhiavue  5 months ago +235

    21:45 broke my heart. My friend passed away from an od and at the moment it was all touch and go. We all drove down to go see him one last time and then they pulled the plug on Halloween. Things have not been the same for all of us. Lately I’ve been hearing his name a lot then hearing this exact way the message was given to us gave me the chills.
    Thank you for the love 💕

  • Lizabeth Lourraine Aying Yleaña

    Imagine listening to Dreamy’s playlist in the morning, brewing some coffee, and sitting down on the dining table.
    When you look to your right, you see a huge window and the city. It was raining and the clouds look gloomy but listening to this playlist early in the morning makes everyone happy :>

  • Savvina M.
    Savvina M.  6 months ago +173

    There's no way to pass my school without these beats....thank you from heart Dreamy..!!<3

  • Obi Guayaquil
    Obi Guayaquil  yesterday +1

    This is a really good lo-fi hip hop must to say, just reflexive music for your soul.

  • Elijay Leaf
    Elijay Leaf  4 months ago +87

    Im so tired
    tired of what?
    Exactly, I don’t know. I just feel...
    Never mind, I never said anything.
    oki doki

  • benjamin & gilbert
    benjamin & gilbert  5 months ago +120

    thank you.
    thank you for making me feel better.
    thank you for making me feel at ease.
    thank you for making me /happy/.

  • Zoe De Vries
    Zoe De Vries  6 months ago +82

    As i closed my eyes, I woke up again. In a cloudy land. Wondering if I could walk on the fluffy surface. I started with little steps wich quikly turned into big fast ones. I ran and I ran to the city of clouds. Wishing I would never wake up again.

  • Natsuno
    Natsuno  3 months ago +19

    Be the one you want, not the one they want.
    For some reason the phrase just crossed my mind while listening to this and I decided to comment it, have a beautiful life.

  • Diya Ramsundar
    Diya Ramsundar  6 months ago +151

    Love the roses 💖

  • Church of Tea follower
    Church of Tea follower  6 months ago +138

    it's like a dream when dreamy uploads

  • Player 1
    Player 1  2 months ago +12

    I'm back to enjoying studying after discovering lofi =). Good luck with our finals ya'll! May we pass with a 90+ grade.

  • AthyReachOudong Cheang
    AthyReachOudong Cheang  6 months ago +57

    close your eyes and dream to the place that u want

  • Sweet CupCake88
    Sweet CupCake88  yesterday +1

    Honestly, I'm fine, my friends aren't. Found all of this out recently: one of my friends hate themselves, are trying to starve themselves, get beaten by her parents and is restricted by her religion to do anything, like cut her hair, get any social media, date, she can't even talk to a boy even if she doesn't have those intentions, and so on. My best friend that I've known my whole life started cutting herself. She did this a while ago and I only just found out. I know there's more to that story but she hasn't told me yet. Another friend, he was cutting himself last year. He was depressed as fuck and expressed himself through music. He's doing better now.. but I'm still worried.
    We are all so young. Only 13.
    This is scary.
    So scary.
    And I'm scared that there's more that I don't know yet...

  • Chovi
    Chovi  6 months ago +61

    perfection (>ω<)

  • Shenna Carter
    Shenna Carter  6 months ago +46

    sips coffee and head bobs

  • Schwifty Music
    Schwifty Music  6 months ago +245

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