Unloading My 1200hp Straight Piped Drag Car In A Quiet Neighborhood (I'm Sorry)

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
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  • GuitarmageddonZL1
    GuitarmageddonZL1  a years ago +659

    Could you be mine? Would you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?!

  • rsmd27
    rsmd27  a years ago +1263

    16:13 is what you came for

  • Freddy Hernandez
    Freddy Hernandez  11 months ago +289

    The only thing I could afford in this entire video is that nos drink.

  • Heavy Hemi
    Heavy Hemi  a years ago +268

    Id gladly be your neighbor, if you give me a ride at least once a month.

  • Austin A
    Austin A  a years ago +404

    I'd feel honored if I heard all that freedom first thing in the morning

  • C3Corvette L-82
    C3Corvette L-82  a years ago +97

    The dog stopped barking when the beast a woken lol

  • Nore Bronx
    Nore Bronx  a years ago +106

    Why didn't you just pull the trailer all the way forward the first time , to pull into the driveway right away

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia  a years ago +142

    The helpless look on nicks face when he thought he had to undo those straps

  • kain452005
    kain452005  a years ago +93

    Exhaust so loud, it makes the camera shake.. Sheesh

  • TheBulletWS6
    TheBulletWS6  a years ago +147

    i know this feeling,
    the 5am load the car in the trailer can be brutal after a couple times lol
    i’m always looking to see if anyone is mean mugging me.. 👀

  • 1216jimmyz
    1216jimmyz  a years ago +32

    Haha...I love the extra bottle of "NOS" you got there in the cup holder...a few extra ponies? Lol

  • Fumando Mota
    Fumando Mota  a years ago +14

    16:15 if you said STFU and unload it go here

  • Matthew Morales
    Matthew Morales  a years ago +442

    I wouldn’t mind if that was being unloaded in my neighborhood.

  • Pyromovies HD
    Pyromovies HD  6 months ago +14

    16 minutes of blabla, oh look at me, blabla....30 secs of good video

  • Tony Fleek
    Tony Fleek  a years ago +14

    Bro I was following you today on the highway headed towards Hershey Park! Your car is dope love it bro!

  • Jeff Callicutt
    Jeff Callicutt  a years ago +61

    Damn man that shows you how Loud it really is,when your camera starts vibrating. Laughed a good bit when you were pulling the car out of the trailer at your house.👍👍👍👍😆😆

  • Gabriel Torrez
    Gabriel Torrez  a years ago +19

    That poor Jeep tryna keep up to that beast 😂

  • Pierce Foster
    Pierce Foster  a years ago +34

    Cant believe i made the video, thanks for an awesome day man! (i was the one in the black shirt with the white ST) it was great to meet u and hang out with u and the guys!

  • GT 43
    GT 43  2 days ago

    Oh cmon man, you know all of this was completely unnecessary.

  • HDuty463
    HDuty463  a years ago +13

    Neighbors be like: "Hey, if you didn't know, Nick is home with the freedom rocket." LOL Trust me, I wouldn't mind it at all.