Unloading My 1200hp Straight Piped Drag Car In A Quiet Neighborhood (I'm Sorry)

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 4, 2018
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  • GuitarmageddonZL1
    GuitarmageddonZL1  a years ago +682

    Could you be mine? Would you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?!

  • Gary Gushue
    Gary Gushue  yesterday

    Don't be sorry my 67 has straight pipes as well, except I get the cops called on myself on a daily basis. I just move my truck from the garage to the street!✌🌟

  • Johny Bigg Rigg
    Johny Bigg Rigg  7 days ago

    I knew putting headphones on before playing this video was a good choice.

  • douglas buckmaster

    when in hi school my 1966 fastback mustang sound like than with muffler

  • Coop
    Coop  14 days ago

    you're not cool you're just a douche

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan  14 days ago +1

    came for the unloading, but the second i heard the car i had to watch it all.

  • madmax master
    madmax master  14 days ago

    I turn the NOS bottles into pencil holders.

  • Alicc Thicc
    Alicc Thicc  14 days ago

    I love this channel now I just LOVE MUSCLE CARS

  • Baz828
    Baz828  14 days ago

    God for bid if an Jet plain went over.

  • Chase Barrett
    Chase Barrett  14 days ago

    E85? Hell you might as well just run strait corn methanol for your fire.. e85 maybe to start it.

  • Chase Barrett
    Chase Barrett  14 days ago

    Bet the bottle/can of NOS between the seats makes it super fast.

  • Ninja Gaming
    Ninja Gaming  21 days ago

    Thing sounds like a 440 big block😂. Crazyyy

  • jeremiah sipes
    jeremiah sipes  21 days ago

    what kink of shift knob is that

  • Gunnar Truskett
    Gunnar Truskett  21 days ago

    Is your Chevy a 1500?

  • jimmy feathersmith
    jimmy feathersmith  a months ago


  • min kim
    min kim  a months ago

    1200 whp or engine hp

  • kevin lockhart
    kevin lockhart  a months ago

    yep earporn.

  • Daniel LeBeau
    Daniel LeBeau  a months ago

    I love the way she purrs and I wish she was mine. Is there a way you could fix that converter?

  • Keith Lucia
    Keith Lucia  a months ago

    Came here to here a sweet car stfu pretty boy

  • Grozie Thomas
    Grozie Thomas  a months ago

    Why do Camaros take so long to turn over?