What Happened to The Fine Bros? - (The React Controversy: 3 Years Later)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 16, 2018
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  • TheGamerFromMars  7 months ago

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  • dunt  7 months ago

    Oh my god that was 3 years ago???

  • Jim & Hugh O'N  1 months ago

    I was 8 and I remember it

  • Julian Edgar  2 months ago

    Yea new flash ppl get old. And your gona get sick and die unless you die unexpectedly younger. Either way your gona fucking die one day. Enjoy.

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  • Djjin Sin  2 months ago

    I would trademark "the" or "I"

  • Urska Jinx  3 months ago

    bro, i have Trademarked, Trademark, plz give me $$ or I will send Trump Daddy after your wallet

  • Ghostgirl 708  7 months ago

    Others: Who would upload a video so late at night?TheGamerFromMars: *OH BOY 1 AM*

  • paige snook  2 months ago

    Ghostgirl 708 it’s 25:54 here on jupiter.

  • Darkdayzz  7 months ago

    8 am, CET

  • Whang!  7 months ago

    GFM staying on that late night grind

  • KRATOSLIVES22 !  7 months ago

    Mephistopheles makes his move 😱

  • RedemptionSoS  7 months ago

    your lopsided hair is SO ghey!

  • Yung CHi13  7 months ago

    Next what happened “what happened to my dad”

  • Alexis Kathrine  2 months ago

    i really want to like this comment but you have 420 likes and i just dont want to be the one to ruin it

  • paige snook  2 months ago

    YapPac most hilariously dark thing ive ever read today

  • lightningonoceans  7 months ago

    They attacked Seinfeld. They need to go away.

  • Atlantis  16 days ago

    @C Snap I feel like the staff literally told the reactors what to say. Really weird that all the kids are equally offended by the show.

  • paige snook  2 months ago

    Daniel V “never watched a full episode” “i don’t like it” lol, wth? seriously, just give it a genuine chance

  • StupidMarioBros1Fan  7 months ago

    Holy crap it's been 3 years already? Best thing was the memes.

  • MrTrombonebandgeek  7 months ago

    one of the best things about it was that CGP grey went out of his way to make a video mocking them

  • A Drum Tsukumogami  7 months ago


  • paige snook  2 months ago

    A Drum Tsukumogami react©️

  • CoolAkramTV  6 months ago

    Coming Soon TM

  • Cal Brady  7 months ago

    The funny thing about the Burger King example you brought up is that the Burger King corporation actually had this exact thing happen to them here in Australia. When they first started operations here in Australia in I think the '90s or early '00s, there was a small, locally owned takeaway place in Adelaide that was literally named Burger King. A legal battle ensued, and eventually Burger King (the corporation) weren't allowed to call themselves Burger King in Australia. Instead, they're called Hungr...

  • Atlantis  16 days ago

    @Jesse James Atencio hungry jacks also sounds cute. But I'm not familiar with Australian slang

  • You're mostly right, but BK didn't first try to expand into AUS in the 90s/early 00s, it was in 1971.