What Happened to The Fine Bros? - (The React Controversy: 3 Years Later)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 16, 2018
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    In this video we'll see what The Fine Bros have been up to since their huge fallout at the beginning of 2016 and what can be learned from it today.

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  • TheGamerFromMars
    TheGamerFromMars  10 months ago +148

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  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P  2 days ago +1


  • adam schmidt
    adam schmidt  7 days ago +1

    Anyone else keep looking at his eyes read the monitor Infront of him. Do a little prep ma man

  • M
    M  7 days ago

    What's wrong with reacting to Snoop Dogg?

    The fuck.

  • Sub t o pew die pie 21

    I have a quip toothbrush ermmmm

  • Nephilim Heart
    Nephilim Heart  1 months ago

    That couldve actually been a good premise for a scripted show. If they played it as the dying industry that it is. Those shows are still very prominent, and deserve a good mocking.

  • Mr. Saephan
    Mr. Saephan  1 months ago

    Sorry people I trademark the letter A so any word with the letter A need to pay me lol

  • Michael Bone
    Michael Bone  2 months ago

    Ironic that they tried to stop people copying their show format, but then they tried to blatantly copy American Idol...

  • Thomas The Bob
    Thomas The Bob  2 months ago

    4:56 make that 1.5/10 now lol

  • Scott Korin
    Scott Korin  2 months ago

    I really enjoyed their sketches. It's too bad they went away from that.

  • TheRivrPrncess
    TheRivrPrncess  2 months ago

    If the Fine Brothers are not careful, they may lose all their audience. They created the SuperFam which has become a group that is treated better than non SuperFam subscribers. SuperFam gets their own games that other subscribers can not play as an example. SuperFam tier prices are such that those on low or limited incomes can not be a part of the SuperFam. They show no care, compassion for people who don't have a lot of money. They should drastically lower their tier prices. This and another reason is why they are not successful when they try to branch out. The other reason is that they also allow, without limits, swearing which is getting worse. Also they are making videos where people are asked to play a game while either drunk or stoned. This is misuse and abuse of drugs. No movie or game company is going to be interested in their efforts to sell a movie, TV show or game to them knowing they are condoning drug and alcohol misuse and abuse.

  • stockyjohn
    stockyjohn  2 months ago

    The very fact that you think people are copying YOUR format and that you used it as an example means you don't get it.

  • Darlene Troise
    Darlene Troise  2 months ago

    I'll trademark "problematic"... I'll be a thousandaire in no time.

  • Shione Cooper [Google Me]
    Shione Cooper [Google Me]  2 months ago +1

    Lmao omg imagine the beautiful ironic poetic justice if American Idol would've had sued the Fine Bros for "stealing their format" 😂

  • LReigh84
    LReigh84  2 months ago

    its weird how you keep reading off a script

  • MarioFan99
    MarioFan99  3 months ago

    Why does the earth in the react world logo only show half the world?

  • Sunset Samurai
    Sunset Samurai  3 months ago

    god your eyes are beautiful <3

  • kittylikeme Moto
    kittylikeme Moto  3 months ago +1

    i got notification from FBE XD when i click this video lol

  • If you laugh you sub!
    If you laugh you sub!  3 months ago +3

    Flat earthers- no such thing as aliens
    Me - go look at the fine bros
    Flat earthers - touché

  • Mr Drake
    Mr Drake  3 months ago

    Now I understand the TeamFourStar Abridgemon joke