Purdah | Official HD Trailer (2018) | Film Threat Trailers

  • Published on:  Sunday, June 3, 2018
  • An insightful and inspiring story of female empowerment through sport, against a background of religious and cultural roadblocks. Jeremy Guy’s visually arresting documentary feature Purdah is about the independent-minded young women of the Mirza family and their ambitious dreams for their lives and careers. Despite their earnestness, they face an uphill battle coming from a conservative Muslim family in Mumbai, India.

    Kaikasha Mirza became enamored with cricket as a young woman, yet she was forbidden to play and forced to be a spectator in her burka. After months of persistence, Kaikasha eventually persuaded her father to allow her to remove her burka for the first time to become one of only a few Muslim women cricketers in all of Mumbai. Now Kaikasha is chasing her dream of playing for the prestigious Mumbai Senior Women’s Cricket Team.

    Directed by Jeremy Guy.

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