Freeze Frame Football Battle | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 7, 2017
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  • Rayhart Twins
    Rayhart Twins  a years ago +5363

    This reminds us of that one show "hole in the wall" has anyone else seen it?

  • Minty T
    Minty T  3 days ago +6

    Is it just me or do you always get mixed up with all the co names

  • M R Edwards
    M R Edwards  9 hours ago +2

    Other people: No Nut November
    Dude Perfect: No Shave November

  • Jessie Elizabeth
    Jessie Elizabeth  22 hours ago +3

    Coca-cola obviously did not sponsor this video 😂🤔

  • Leonard Koh
    Leonard Koh  3 months ago +490

    Wait, Tyler isn’t wearing a cap? Am I hallucinating?

  • Thijmen
    Thijmen  7 months ago +1311

    Who is also here in 2019

  • flintrail
    flintrail  1 months ago +391

    Who is here in 2019????

  • Jesse haack
    Jesse haack  4 hours ago

    Gar~there's no water in this one so I should be fine but then he hurts his eye!!😂

  • Micah Winchester
    Micah Winchester  21 days ago +129

    I’m surprised that they don’t get headaches from yelling so much
    EDIT: thank you for so many likes! This is the most I’ve gotten!

  • Gabrielflor
    Gabrielflor  5 days ago +57

    Garret: “I should be fine”
    Foam picture: I’m about to end this whole man’s career

  • Sunj4y
    Sunj4y  a years ago +1383

    You sponsered by coke by any chance??

  • Landog 42
    Landog 42  1 months ago +49

    I heard a rip (both twins at the same time say I did too)

  • queen roblox
    queen roblox  28 days ago +65

    Dude perfect:*advertises coke

  • Brynn the rat
    Brynn the rat  7 days ago +10

    Tyler: “am i gonna die?”
    Garret: “You’re fine get up”
    such father energy😂

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy  3 days ago

    DDiDidDidDid yDid you truely suppose that I was once gonna spend my time on that.

  • Ayden Ellis
    Ayden Ellis  3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the twins saying “I did too” at the exact same time

  • Sonic Plush adventures
    Sonic Plush adventures  1 months ago +2

    I think we are gonna need an ambulance uppp never mind he’s up

  • Troy
    Troy  3 months ago +96

    5:29, 1/2 speed, "That's my first front flip ever", haha nope.

  • Apollo Pierce
    Apollo Pierce  7 days ago +4

    Who else remembers hole in the wall on cartoon network

  • TBC
    TBC  a years ago +158

    You guys should do a battle where you have to build a cart by buying things at a store with a budget. Then race them and see who gets the fastest time. Like so they can see!!!